Friday, April 4, 2014

Favourite old pop songs ♥

I'm a casual girl so I feel myself being weird for posting this romantic pop songs.

Probably in the entire time of my blogging timeline, I always post about Japanese songs all of the time. Though so, if you're asking me about certain Japanese bands, I would know nothing because most Japanese songs that I know are the one from Anime. :D

But I know lots of pop songs within last three decades. Decide to make a short list of my favs here.

Thanks to my youthful mum, she listens lots of pop songs and I had her influence. I never really listen them carefully since I only actually heard them, but today when I spent my leisure afternoon by Youtube-ing these old pop songs, my heart went doki doki and my mind melted!

I'm so so so so happy that I got to listen these songs back then!

No regret, awesome things :D

♬ right here waiting (1989)

♬ a shoulder to cry on (1989)

♬ now and forever (1994)

♬ at the beginning (1997)

♬ until the time is through (1998)

♬ i knew i loved you (1999)

♬ this i promise you (2000)

♬ i'm all about you (2001)

♬ if you're not the one (2002)

♬ everytime (2003)

♬ because you live (2005)

The singer who contributes the most on this list is probably, Richard Marx? Heheh XD mum (and surprisingly dad) is a fan of him so my childhood filled with him.

Then Justin Timberlake, must say that he went through drastic change from the N Sync era and today's Hollywood era but back then his voice is amazing! Also JC Chasez XDc

I don't really know Daniel Bedingfield (only know this one song) but it really really nails it, sweet as apple pie!

Jesse McCartney was my old idol crush hahahahaha no comment. It's my past.

I feel so old to look for these songs, some are around 25 years old! Oh gosh, time flies really fast right?

Do you recognise any of these songs? :)

Lots of love ♥


  1. Wow that Britney song brings back many memories! She was gorgeous back then and now

    1. Yeah her falsetto feels really nice :)

  2. Ahhhh I know all these songs! Really classic. I love them all too! Most especially Richard Marx. I'm in love with all his songs. They're so sweet and meaningful. But sadly I heard he's getting divorced with his wife after 25 years of marriage :( So sad! But I'll still listen to his songs anyway. Haha!

    1. Yeah his songs are really really hitting the nails! OMG I didn't know that, really?? :C hope it's all the best for him. And yeah I'll be still listening to his songs all good time! :D haha. Glad you know all of these songs too :D


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