Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[100happydays] Day 39 - 48 ★

Selfie because I'm crazy limited edition!

5AM sky! Prettyyyy.

Bought a new hat! Nice! Red is one of my fav colour besides pink, brown and gold.

Some people are not good in hats (and I think, me too!) but they make you look somewhat younger!

Studying distraction, forever!

Lychee drink is pure happiness :) Ichiban daisuki!

Multitasking forever! I'm beyond high on Satnite thanks to HxH! "Arigatou, Netero Kaichou *cry*"

Blackbean instant noodle (jjajang) with fake doritos. EW! But Nice! XD

I'm on mid-exam week as I said on last post therefore I don't do many fun things. But I went out on weekend yesterday and it was parents' anniversary so I bought them a Chinese folklore book. I was hesitating between Chinese folklore novel or Indian folklore novel but then I bought the chinese one since the indian one is to be found nowhere D: Both of my parents love to read so a novel is a nice gift for them!

I wanted to buy them the Three Kingdoms (三國) novel but it was VERY EXPENSIVE and it is divided into several volumes, with each costs around 300-500K? Sorry but no, I cannot afford it so I changed plan to get them a folklore novel with its notable story: Butterfly Lovers (梁山伯与祝英台)! Do you know this story? It's very famous in my city XD

Mama asked me to sign the folklore novel but Idk what to write so I just casually wrote happy anniversary to them!


Just to notice the next minute that I made a mistake on my writing. I'm sorryyyy. I only know how "marriage" sounds like but I have no idea how "marriage" is written.

I wrote 结婚 as 结昏 and I don't know what's the difference ahahahahaha. Just noticed it right after I signed the book. As long as it reads the same /cry
Papa just texted me this evening and laughed at my writings and sincerely thanked me, it feels so nice!!


A random weekend vlog I recorded because I got bored of taking pics of everything. I didn't look good this time because I have this slight headache returning to me this week due to stupid hormones XD but I had so much fun despite of much laziness on weekend.

Now I'm returning to my Project Management books. Three more exams to kill, oh jia you!!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I understand what you mean. When I'm having exams I find it hard to do fun things too because I always feel like there are more important things I should be doing instead :\ oh well! Happy anniversary to your parents anyway :) And your drawing is really pretty!

    It's nice to hear that you'll be visiting Singapore! Hope I bump into you on the streets. Hahaha! :D Anyway, if you have no budget limit, I'd totally recommend you explore Sentosa! The pretty beaches are there, and you can also find the Insect and Butterfly Garden over there as well which I really enjoyed the last time I visited :) Of course there's the Universal Studios and Adventure Cove, though if you'd like you can also go to Wild Wild Wet for a swim which is a much cheaper alternative :) Ooh and Gardens by the Bay too! It's free admission but if you want to enter the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest Dome you only have to pay $30 to gain entry for both domes, which is so worth it! It's really pretty inside :)

    1. Thank you Czarina!! :D

      I have just returned~ Thank you for your recommendations ^^ I sum everything up on my latest post. It's a pity that I cannot use my phone there for the whole week thanks to the very costly roaming. I could only use the Hostel wifi but I always slept whenever I'm at Hostel. Well, I hope next time we can go out and have a chat together :D should be nice!

  2. Hi. You don't know me and, as far as I've read your blog, I Love You :)

  3. Hehe thank you for your compliment on my latest blog post! c:
    I was a little worried that my first product review will be bad yikeees. so thank you hehe ^^



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