Saturday, April 19, 2014

[100happydays] Day 30 - 38 ★

Sunset sky which was very beautiful! (I love sunsets so I take tons of sunset pics teehee).

A tuna melt pizza from PH. It's both very delicious and yuck when you eat too much XD

I sat on Son Goku's desk! :O

I got my first SAP01 Certificate last month (it has been long) but just able to blog about it now.

Went to Student Service Center and had my score transcripts printed!
I got holes here and there and my worst is Accounting. T^T
Thanks to that one C so I missed many great opportunities :p

Though it's 9 days but I barely take pictures so there are only 5. I guess I am busy and tired as hell and I eventually forget about this 100happydays thingie DX

I just woke up from my accidental nap (it's 11:45PM now argh!) and I want to do my IS Advanced Topic paper plus start to review my notes for mid exam.
There is only 5 classes on this mid exam but subete wa memorizing classes so I can never do it D-1 like usual /slapself

And I coincidentally found this video. It's like the universe delivers this video to me to let me know what mum thinks about me. Thank you!! It's beautiful.


Lots of love ♥

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