Tuesday, April 8, 2014

[100happydays] Day 21 - 29 ★

FINALLY can meet my Jamoca almond♥ Nothing can actually substitute you.

Happiness in this earth is simple♥

They shout cutely to me: EAT ME♥

It's alright I'm loving carbs for today only♥

Every slurp is heavenly♥

It's not healthy, it's HEARTY♥

Something may be wrong with me.

When I am a hundred percent happy it's hard for me to eat because I barely hungry.
I have no appetite and feel full all of the time which is actually a YAY!
But whenever I'm stressed (like these last few weeks, oh my) I bought many sweet things and seemed to eat more than usual. It's actually scary for myself.

I keep on track for my calories intake by doing calorie journal, my only savior to control my calorie intake so I don't get early cancer due to chemical seasonings.
I try not to buy processed snacks anymore and my snacking habit is barely here now.
I don't understand that nowadays I seem to buy more more more more things to eat and I almost use half of my allowance this month by today (it's 8th right?) ;____;

I am supposed to save more money for future but I don't, something is definitely wrong with me.

There is only two stars regret, thankfully. I enjoy everything.
Of course you'd enjoy delicious foodies right? XD

Lots of love ♥


  1. So much yummy food it's making me hungry ;Q;


  2. When it comes to food, I don't mind spending at all! Although of course no processed/unhealthy food for me :P Haha! And i'm not really a fan of sweet food but all these look super yummy! <3

    1. Yeah me too!! ^^ Ahhhh I see!! I am not fond of overly sweet foods too but I lately buy them a lot. Thanks to lots of works, I guess my body craves for sugar lately. Not good! >.<

  3. all the food! *hungry face*
    i did a few hashtag on 100happydays but i didn't manage to follow it, haha
    anyway!, it's been weeks not visiting your blog, do miss a lot of posts around here.

    1. Hahaha! Thank you! I am not sure whether I can finish this 100happydays thingie because it takes lots of work as well~ Thank you for the visit too haha!


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