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Finally got myself Mai Kuraki [OVER THE RAINBOW] CD (+DVD)!

I have been her big fan since 2004 and counting--she's one Japanese singer which all singles and albums I have listened to and memorized. Well, not until that extreme part which I memorize every single song but at least I recognize her every songs. Can say that I'm a big fan right? :D

This album came out on early 2012 which is two years ago. When I went TA few days ago for sightseeing and shopping something told me to enter the CD shop on the third floor and I did.

Guess what, found several Mai Kuraki albums there OMG happy ttm!

Those albums are on the old CD piles so the CD cover is not as smooth. Though it's still sealed but it confirmed has stayed there for quite long time. A several years old album, which is kind of historical and brings more stories.

Since I didn't bring much $$ (and I'm in a very saving mode atm) so I decided to get myself a CD, and will try to save more for her others CD heehee. I had a hard time choosing and I guess this album is the one with best value.

Haha, can talk big about best value ma.

This 「OVER THE RAINBOW」 album contains five music clips (though I know all of the songs but I never see the clips forever) and there is this newer CD 「Mai Kuraki Symphonic Collection In Moscow」 which I have never heard of before!

Confused max max! ><

Grabbed this album though, hahaha. It was a hard time. I bought another album too at the same time (my moneeeey ;____;) but decided not to post about it because it's a birthday gift like I said before? Will blog about it someday in future after I have given the gift soooo ;)

The clips are breathtaking!

Probably because I've never seen them before? There is this distinct differences between Japanese pop song clips and other pop song clips as Japanese pop song clips are actually rather flat. They don't give many climaxes and they focus on the lyrics rather than visuals. Which many people would find it boring.

Watching music clips are not really my hobby (except it's some interesting music clips just like this) so I never mind about Japanese music clips.

But for this 「Stay The Same」 clip, it's the cutest I've ever seen!

One reason why now I am idolizing Wish me mell is because Mai Kuraki sings its theme song and Mell is really adorable!

And the song is both cute and touching ♥

no matter how far apart we may become
I can hear your voice
this feeling that’ll never change
We all stay the same

no matter how far apart we may become
I’ll think of you
it’ll never change moving forward
We all stay the same

without looking back for now
just move forward together
Very related and cute!

They are so adorable.

P.S. 23:00
The official Malaysian gov. has spoken that MH370 plane is declared as crashed in south Indian Ocean. I have been following the MH370 news since the first day and in my night pray I always wish for the best for them. Though there is still no solid proof but since they have stated it that way, I really hope this would cut the uncertainties the victim families are suffering with. Me who is staying in neighbour country is deeply sympathetic for the missing plane and all things that happened are for the best. May the victim families are given strength to face all of this and can have some rest from uncertainties. 

Lots of love  ♥

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