Sunday, March 2, 2014

First week of semester six.

I was struggling of piles of blog drafts (maybe it was near by a hundred) which I kept on typing, backspacing, typing, erasing, deleting--because I couldn't blog.

And things have been disturbing me lately in real life.

I have to overcome many things at the moment so I don't blog. Just because, can I say this, I am afraid to blog about those things that exhaust me! XD I hope I am not this coward. I'm growing though.

I am not in my optimal state at the moment (mentally and physically) where my first week of semester 6 which has just ended today.

I'm beyond exhausting.

I face traffic jams, I face thick and super expensive books, I squeeze my brain juice out and still don't get some parts of my classes. Most of them are really new for me. There is no longer programming and coding class for me, Adiosu! :) I feel sad parting with lab classes and codings but I got to move forward. Still, but I really love my classes this semester though those are confirmed really difficult classes and hard, and heavy books and yadda yadda. Hahaha.

I got to admit that I'm happy of all of these hectic things happen in my life! Doesn't it sound cool? I mean, I don't play games, I'm unemployed at the moment, what else will occupy my time? So I'm so grateful at the moment! Really, I am! XD

6 days a week classes is no different from last time I had it (well, it was much more fun back then for real) and nowadays what I've been faced are talks about thesis, papers, theories, expensive books, jobs and internships.

My brain is over-loaded and excited at the same time! You can see that I'm so naive this way but honestly I'm not. I know what I'm facing. But still I'm so excited of those heavy talks about future :)

I can now feel the tense of third year university student! I'm exhausted mentally and physically this week for sure but I believe I will adapt to this situation before the second week of March which is good! :)

I have just rushed my first Totolan paper (funny class name? heehee) on to my university blog which I decided not to share the link here XD since, erm, I'd like to separate things between my personal life here and my career talks there? Well if you are interested in Information System and Technology I can give you the link to my university blog for some good readings though hahaha.

Honestly, I have so many things to blog but I decide to slow down. I haven't overcome my mind complexities at the moment as I mentioned above but Keep Calm and Read My Blog hahah ;)

I'm now composing a review for something new (not digicam don't worry hahah) so please look forward to it! :)

Though my world rotates and things change, I'm still a little girl that loves to have fun in heart. :D

Have a nice weekend (or Sunday) to all of you! It has been a memorable week for me ✨

Lots of love ♥


  1. Ah semester 6, same here! Attempt to do everything until stress takes over and things start slipping and you end up in your bed deciding to do none.


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