Sunday, March 30, 2014

[100happydays] Day 18 - 20 ★


Day 18: There will be more boring posts about nerd me with boring books (third year student! Yea!) but I'm enjoying every single thing. I still think I never contribute too many parts of the papers but even though I'm doing small part of System Test Plan paper yesterday, it took me 5 hours for 2 pages. Mad crazy. Being able to go through all of it with sweet Pocky made me happy!

Day 19: Saw this butterfly when I was taking a shower on evening and seemed like he's asleep. I'm not fond with insects and butterflies but I very seldom see butterflies so it made my day!

Day 20: Earth hour day! I didn't really take any part today unless I ate some space there and enjoyed the shows. I don't know many people at BS I just realized ._. and that fact is somehow saddening me hahaha. But it's really fun downstairs! (Though I just took a look for some mins and went up to continue my Advanced IS paper yea).

It seems like I can only actually blog and read my blogpals' posts every weekend. But it can't be helped, my responsibilities at university drags me from internet. It's a tough life, well, am I exaggerating? I am totally fine getting through 5 days without opening my blogger dashboard but you know that sometimes you have this feeling when you miss lots of good reads it feels sad.

So this week, many things happen:
So many homeworks! It piles up just like trash; I'm so thankful that I survive the fifth weeks without falling sick again.
I went swimming (posted on 100happydays day previous post) and I didn't get any sore muscles though I swam nonstop for one hour. I guess I increased my energy limit yay!
My friend actually accused me for being "rich" because I have almost every book for each subject since semester one. You notice? It's not because I'm rich ma, I'm actually struggling for the very limited money also. I just dislike E-books very much because I can't read them very well and I can't mark them properly (how are you going to mark virtual papers?) so I got to say no to E-books. I know I'm not supporting green movement though. But I much much much much prefer books than E-books.
Second part of friend accusing me "rich" because I bring digicam anywhere. NO. Once again, it is a hard life for me with limited money, but I have no purpose of showing off. Once, I take lots of pictures (for blog yeah! /modus) and I think I'd like to specialize it. I got myself a digicam, and a very cheap HP, and those are my main gadget. I don't really use my HP for secondary purpose (social network, entertainment) so I don't need super sophisticated HP. I only use HP mainly for communication purposes so yeah hahahah. ._." I feel old.

Anyway have a nice weekend everyone!

Lots of love


  1. good luck with your studies! aww i want some pocky sticks!! haven't had them since forever, haha

    1. Hehehehe you should get one they're sweet! <3 I love Pockys

  2. Awww that butterfly looks so beautiful! I wonder how it ended up in your room? Haha. Do you have flowers around or something? :P

    And I've heard a lot about the Earth Hour this year because the cast of Spider-Man (who is the new Earth Hour hero, apparently) came here to Singapore! Sadly I was busy at work to go and see them so yeah.... Haha! :)

    Good luck with your studies and everything! I also feel sad when I miss a lot of updates of my favourite bloggers when I get really busy. But your studies are priority so it's good that you're focusing most of your time on that :)

    1. Hahaha I don't know~ I guess is a lost butterfly XD I don't tend flowers though, one more appeared the day after but it was dark so I didn't take any pic.

      Icic! I read the news, that is not a problem, but you do work so hard late >.< All the best!

      Yeah same thing! It's gonna be hard work to catch up with everything every weekend, and is also a fun thing to spend while I have nothing to do but am too tired to go out. Yeah, and you too! ^^

  3. E-books might not be as green as you might think.

    An e-reader device has a carbon footprint of around 50kg. Furthermore, electricity is required to charge the e-reader (however, a Kindle using e-ink is far better than an energy-hungry iPad).

    The average paperback book, meanwhile, has a carbon footprint of 1kg, no matter how many times you read it.

    Source: "How bad are bananas?" by Mike Berners-Lee, 2010, which I'm about half way through (and my copy is a real book too) :)

    Also, you have the option of selling some books back to your Uni library for second hand purchase. Many of my Uni course books I bought second or third-hand from the book store (although this was 1994, when e-ink was something we had only seen in future technology programmes and each pixel was bigger than a toy marble :D).

    1. I never know that! It's such a nice thing to see it from another different persepective.
      Books are so nice to write around, I mark and write on my books and it feels nice. E-books, meanwhile doesn't have that paper feeling, the imagination inside the book is also far lesser than real books and, there are clear difference between boths. Which makes me prefer books much more without doubt.

      I don't have e-readers or anything like that but that's not the reason why I don't like e-books. haha.

      That's a great idea as well! When I have finished sorting out my uni books I can actually give them to libraries and for secondhand purchases. It's a nice idea I never think about! Thank you for the comment I really appreciate it :D


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