Wednesday, March 26, 2014

[100happydays] Day 15 - 17 ★

Day 15: Strawberry cheesecake Ice cream~~! I am currently avoiding dairy products as it upsets my intestine but I was drooling at this Ice cream so I grabbed one scoop because my favourite Jamoca almond was unavailable. Yum! (I still prefer Jamoca almond though from B.R).

Day 15 (2nd): This bloody comb got caught in my hair so I had no choice to chop my hair down. I found this very very amusing so instead of grieving over my massive hairloss, I took a pic and laugh at it. XD

Day 16: Love swimmingggg! Had this urge to go swimming because I saw a boarder was swimming very poorly so I wanted to show off and swam gracefully hahaha then he left after I swam well for awhile. XD

 Day 17: I have my fourth class to discuss about networkings this semester (Corporate Information System Management). I'm not into networking because though they sound fun, they're hard to understand for someone like me. I'm not a hardware person so I never remember kinds of networks and also OSI layer. Fatty ranger meow is like the best in this one and coincidentally it's my weakness in Computer Science course argh x_x

Lots of love ♥


  1. Baskin Robbins! Udah berapa taun tuh kaga makan itu...hahaha

  2. Oh gosh! That's a terrible hair brush disaster! I remember going through that same situation the last time and I almost cried. Hahahaha! But now that I think about it, it really was funny! :P

    And I've never tried Baskin Robbins before! :O I always walk past a shop and tell myself "Okay I'll get one after my meal" but I always forget..... Haha! Hopefully one day I finally get to try the Jamoca almond :))

    1. Yeaaa! T.T I thought I was sad but I overcame it fast because it is not too obvious, luckily ^^ Yeah it's kind of funny on me too! Haha!

      Yeah maybe you should try! And my recommendation will be Jamoca Almond, because I love almond XD I don't even want to try the Jamoca "only" hehe^^

  3. I've only bought BR ice cream once in my whole life, bcos it's so......expensive..... *sob*
    and I laughed at that last picture!!! LOL XD how "fun" indeed XDD

    1. *Sobsob* yeah it's very very expensive ;___;
      Hahahaha "fun" -___- lol


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