Sunday, March 23, 2014

[100happydays] Day 10 - 14 ★

Day 10, 11: Had official haircut outside after years of doing it by myself. I honestly wanted to write a review about my haircut experience since I do it on a famous salon but I decided not to because of some reasons. XD My hair is now far shorter and lighter, somehow starts to act weirdly like gettin messy etc. and good thing is, less shampoo used, faster dry. Anyhow the style is not really what I would like it to be but the fact that it's now easier to maintain makes me happy. I wish for another style though but yeah, another experience with another hairdresser.

Day 12, 13: Fitbars are very nice! Ever since my first encounter with its rival (S*yj*y) and when I tried this, I definitely am in Fitbar team! The one and only reason: Fitbars have no raisin, and S*yj*ys have, LOTS OF THEM. I'm not a raisin team so yeah! Fitbars make me uberly happy :)

Day 14: Went to TA today for sightseeing after class, went inside CD store and did deep-scanning through Japanese Pop CDs! Found these two legendary CDs (for me though! Haha!). Mai Kuraki's Over The Rainbow (posted about it before: here) OMG! Will have it's own separated post :) And the second CD I bought is a secret! It's supposed to be a birthday gift but I'm not giving it anytime soon so I better don't reveal it now. It's very legendary ah, very rare! Even I browsed online before never see any stores sell this band CD. The fact that I found one copy at the store today is a miracle!

Lots of love ♥


  1. Omg I totally love your new hairstyle, though I was big fan of your beautiful long hair I think you look better and cuter in short hair^^
    Mmm.. and those fitbars look very yummy*_*

    1. Hehehe! I know, there is always this after-haircut regret feeling but I think it grows anyway so I'm okay with that! ^^
      Yeah they taste good! Probably you have similar thing in different brand, just try it :D:D

  2. Your new hairstyle really suits you a lot! You look so much prettier in it :) I remember having my old hair longer than yours last time, but what I have now is similar to your new hairstyle, length-wise :) Totally agree that shorter hair is so much less burdensome! Hahaha

    1. Thank youuuu! <3 I was thinking a lot whether the new hair suits me well. :) Ohh that's a coincidence that we have similar hair style over time XD hahah. Yeah, it feels so great! And great thing that I think I don't miss my long hair ;)


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