Monday, March 17, 2014

[100happydays] Day 09 ★


Monday is the day where me and my classmates are obliged to wear formal outfits at uni. I personally call it Formal Monday! I really think it's actually fun since I love looking at people with formal outfits. They look so classy and they become 99 times more handsome and more beautiful wow.

Me? I become 9,999 times cuter ma.

Now being so regretful that I never took any OOTD for my formal outfits since week 1 until week 3! And today, the week 4 of Formal Monday I then decided to shoot some smiles just because I think formal outfits look really great!

Had purple batik thingie because mama sent me this a while ago and I don't think I have any good occasion to wear batik because I mainly wear casual outfits so I decided to hop in the batik shirt and it looks semi formal mix semi fancy! Me likey♥

Though I became a little bit badass because I folded the sleeves, today just happened to become very hot!

I think some batik dresses would be really nice as well but I don't have it. Very expensive ah, no money at the moment. But definitely it will be on my shopping list next time!

Also did some wet braid the night before I went to sleep so in the morning I woke up with cute instant noodle hair! I never comb my hair today thanks to the instant noodle hair (because based on previous experiences, instant noodle hair can never be combed because it ruined the hair shape!) so I was actually went to class without combing for the first time and everyone was like: did you just go to salon for perming?

No one actually realized that I never combed my hair on that day! XD

Happy max! For me it looks somehow chio but it only lasted for less than 2 hours. My hair is too straight can not hau :O I don't dare to perm hair also..

Has it been a while since you see the shy panda? Heehee.

Lots of love ♥


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