Sunday, March 16, 2014

[100happydays] Day 02 - 08 ★

☆ Hiiii!

☆ Beautiful sun that was going to set! Digicam couldn't capture the beauty but it was breath-taking.

☆ I love cashewnuts so much they are very addictive! Eat eat eat until grow pimples on faces, boobs, back and armpits. Crazy me never regret it too!

☆ I love Milo dinosaur! The undissolved milo sank to the bottom of the mug D: Milo was too thick until lao sai.

☆ Didn't get parking spot for three days in a row so me went up to the 16th floor! But I got to see the entire city! I mad love high places and city views :D Take me to somewhere high and I'll love you forever!

☆ Reason I bought this toothpaste is because of its practical cap--but it tastes really good sometimes I couldn't bear swallow the paste rather than spit it. Can be compared with Listerine but almost no minty taste. Bummer.

☆ Thoughtworks seminar on Friday in Binus third floor. So cannot tahan the sleepiness omg.

☆ Why do I feel that this seminar feels like a class? =_=;

☆ Fullmoon today! Once again digicam is kind of blur to capture sky objects, is like sad.

☆ Colourful fatty din! Looks so yum no? Ate this whole thing in 20 mins, I am greedy like godzilla today.

I fell sick last week which lasts until today, though I feel much much better now. It was a normal flu, combined with normal sorethroat, normal cough and normal fever in a pack. Super saving pack right? If you were to compare it to shopping, you can get a pack of tempura, udon, sashimi and curry rice with only $25! You get everything at once, isn't that very nice? Haha.

Also, great timing!

I had several presentations to be done last week and thanks to the sickness pack, I gave up my Tuesday's presentation. I didn't do any research and I was at my worst condition on Tuesday so I was praying, hoping that day will be my last presentation for them (APEX IT-biz Solution) and somehow the wish is granted? I didn't make it to twelve candidates so I am in any way very relieved! Congrats to BFF Xinmei to make it to the next step! I know you will read this anyway so yeah XD

Anyway last week was like one of the most exhausting week I have on this semester, the biggest contributor to my energy-drainer was the sickness, and also the pilling assignments. But in other hands, I don't know that I anyhow feel very happy the whole week (though I admit on Tuesday I was very down and I cried at night) but that doesn't matter. It passed by anyway.

I didn't eat much because my taste bud went away for several days and thanks to that, I lost some un-noticeable weight. But surprisingly, while I was watching bra-wearing guides yesterday (so random right?) I was inspired to remeasure my ribcage and was very shocked.

I went down by 2.3 inches! My ribcage shrank (or the fat around my ribcage is all gone eh? Yay!).

If I keep going down then should I shop for new cute underwears? Omo~

This thing won't happen to me again, ever!!

It is one of the best thing happen in my life to slim down! I don't really work out lately so even magic won't help me to slim down at least 5-7 kgs ler. But if I maintain healthy lifestyle, with this uni hecticness I confirm can lose 2-3 more kgs and be slim and be happy!

I am very happy to be like this already, if I go down a little bit more then I'll be the happiest girl ever ah!

Have a great week everyone!

Lots of love ♥

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