Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review : What happened after those fireworks were shot.


Have you ever tried to take a picture of beautiful fireworks?

This is my first attempt so I think I failed everything. I should have gone to another place where fireworks were gathering but I was home alone and I climbed my roof to shoot these pictures. Besides, my place is surrounded with buildings and I stay on lower floor so I couldn't get much view! :C

I was unbalanced because I got to stand straight on the roof and must make sure not to kill myself when I was gettin excited taking fireworks piccas!

Among many pictures I took for the New Year's fireworks these 9 piccas are like the most clear and the best late firework photos I could take.

You can see they somehow seem a bit scary right!

I think these I accidentally captured light-drawing photos from these fireworks wow! I think they are somehow beautiful and scary at the same time. They are full of mystery.

What happened when you watch a fireworks show? You enjoyed the boom moment where their shapes were the best; and after that you don't even bother how do they look after that boom? Well, I do that too but since I took these pictures now I know what happened after those fireworks were shot.

They fall to the earth /youdontsay

And they unintentionally made these light-drawing images from the remaining light that they had and it was captured by me here!

I can see that the wind blew to the right side (you can see it too right?) and I think it's very fascinating! I got to see these fireworks in detail.

Okay, this just concludes that I need many practices in shooting fireworks!

These photos are taken with EX-ZR1200! I decided to try this digicam in shootin the fireworks on New Year (Jan 01) and I think I kind of messed the pictures but the outcome were actually great XD They look somehow mysterious and fascinating.

I used the "Fireworks Best Shot" mode to shoot these fireworks and it turned out that this digicam is quite powerful for night shot. Ahh, I honestly have very few chances in trying the modes on this digicam but I hope I can go out for a while and shoot some great night sceneries with this digicam. You know that I love night city sceneries very much right?

All my HP cameras are very lousy as they're as good as VGA cameras (my HPs are all low-end prices haha) so I have never taken any good night city view. I am so glad I got the chance to shoot more city night view; hopefully yeaaaa!

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  1. Wowwww I've never seen fireworks like that!! *o* I can totally understand if you've been so excited while watching this in person! Haha. And there are pretty great pictures! xx

    1. I have never seen them on these shapes as well! Yeah, thank you! :D

  2. I like Fireworks!! the 'boom' excites meh! xD

    1. I love fireworks too they are so pretty :D:D


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