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Review : Meruem x Komugi #1

I believe my last time blogging about anime was on year 2012; and it's not a surprise because I grew busy on uni.

So, I've been watching Hunter x Hunter 2011 thanks to my classmate initial F. (Won't mention real name here cause it would raise unintentional gossips ._.).

I have no regret I rewatch Hunter x Hunter 2011.

I have finished watching the old HxH and it ended nicely on the Greed Island; but I still think that it needs to continue (no manga talking here sorry) so I decided to start watching the 2011 eps.

Best decision ever.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 is one of the best anime I've watched. Probably it ranks #1 in my anime glossary now!

I never regretted starting to watch from the very first episode when Gon was still a raw diamond until the latest episode : Chimera Ant Arc.

It is one of anime series I've watched which I actually "fall in love" with the antagonist.

Not that "love"; but I grow my likeness toward this antagonist character. Just because--they're antagonist but they're not entirely cruel!

You get what I mean?

You know that most good movies which have two sides; protagonist and antagonist are usually have the 'middle to high' quality of plots. I admit I've watched several movies which the protagonists are super strong and heroic and the antagonists are cruel without heart and also they were kind of weak?

For now, I think that's rubbish. I need twist.

Hunter x Hunter provides me with all of satisfactions.

One of the many reasons I think Hunter x Hunter is one of the best anime ever is that it makes sense; the plots, everything. Not in the term of comparing it with real life, but it got some weighs and it actually teaches us that the good people can lose sometimes.

There are some times when the main character must face some loses against a very strong enemy and he or she got to retreat and went through difficulties to win. I think that makes sense compared with the main character which is actually weak but suddenly he prayed (or did whatever) and suddenly grew some poisonous weapon and a single hit blew the enemies away.

Too fake and too one sided!

Here, there is nothing like that. I saw lots and lots of Gon lost from matches and those are honestly irritating (I want him to win!) but I think things wouldn't turn any better if he won. It's basically the best plot I could imagine and there is no moment I thought that things would be better the other way!! :D

*SPOILER ALERT : I'm gonna talk about Hunter x Hunter until the latest episode that aired last three weeks (episode 113) so head to my other post if you are here and you haven't watched this episode yet*

The Chimera Ant Arc -- season 5 started pretty slow. There were lots and lots of side story about it and those stoopid looking ants were actually pretty lame. I could not bear myself calling them monsters and it cringed me everytime the 'heroic' human called them ants.

I want to start with some intro for these cool ants for now.

Three royal guards (Menthuthuyoupi, Neferpitou, Shaiapouf) and the King (Meruem)

Even their names are beautiful.

And seriously, they are Chimera Ants. Ants? HELL NO.

They are nothing like ants ya know? XD

These are the strongest Ants in this anime so I'd talk a lot about them.


A seriously weird name I should say. Called Youpi for the rest of episodes; I couldn't bring myself to think the buff body of this ant got a cute name. Youpi is not that pandai, he was not born through phagogenesis from humans but from magical beast. No wonder he had less humanity but much more power to fight.

He does look a bit dumb and weird, but he looks the strongest (maybe in physical combat he is?).


First strongest Chimera Ant I saw; and the one I hate the most because she killed precious Kite!! I shouted and almost cried the second I saw her with Kite's head. It was like a crushing moment and I wanted Gon to kill Pitou immediately! Pitou is a cat x human Chimera Ant and that is actually quite, erm, quite annoying!

Also big issue here : is Pitoy a guy or a girl? I didn't read the manga so I thought Pitou is a girl but it's shown that Pitou is breastless so should I say that Pitou is a guy?

But I think if Pitou is a girl, it will be more thrilling as I see that female antagonists are the way MUCH MORE SCARIER do you agree with me lol.

When she stared at Gon and Killua (and me) my heart dropped; I thought I was going to die XD

I saw his first combat with Kite *spoiler spoiler* where I could deduce that Kite is dead on her hands easily! On the episodes I have watched, Gon still believed that Kite was only manipulated by her so Gon was still on fire to rescue Kite but he didn't know the fact that Kite has dead. No spoiler please! (Will make second review on Meruem x Komugi so yea!)

I think the anime director really think that Pitou is a female so yeah I can accept that because, it feels that Pitou is 999 times scarier that way! Makes me want to watch Hunter x Hunter more and more uargh!


The butterfly Chimera Ant which I disliked the most. Sometimes you just have to get your eyes off this kind of attitude:

Didn't expect this scene would be like in 10+ minutes of one episode. It ruined my appetite.


The heartless King. I am not sure whether to like him or not but on his first appearance he looked cool. He killed several of his Ant fellows by decapitating their heads at once which left me with cringes and hiss and shouted you should die! etc. He looked like someone from Dragonball though I am not sure the name. If you watch Dragonball you should now who resembles him?

And now, the love story begins.

Meruem (The King) got bored during his waiting time of citizen selection (read : citizen eating). This story started in episode 90+ until recently (still airing so yeah take your time in watching lol). I stopped on episode 113 (wanna save them so I can watch bunch of episodes at a time yay).

So, he invited the country's best player in board games and eventually he defeated all of them. He got bored so he then moved to learn Gungi and invited the best Gungi player in the country to play with him. As usual, when he defeated the Gungi player he would kill him or her out of boredom. *gulp*

So, the best Gungi player happened to be Komugi, a blind girl.

He thought this girl would be the same like most human, a weak player. But she proved it wrong, she's so strong that days and nights passed and he couldn't defeat her at all.

Until one time, he proposed her to give her left arm if he could defeat her, but:

Up until this point I could guess what would she say correctly:

But then,

Because then Meruem said : "So if I were the one losing, I should give you my life right?"

I can see that she is actually a very innocent and sweet girl!
Seriously .____. who could say something like that to this ant monster?

Meruem thought his pride was hurt (knowing that Komugi was in certain that she would win the match again) so he happened to take his arm off and persisted to continue the match, the watching Pouf was in shock:

"We should heal your arm, King!!"

It's a very big relief that she's blind. His arm was off for real!

Meruem refused Pouf request to heal his hand, and wanted to proceed with the Gungi match. However, Komugi said that she didn't want to continue the match until his hand was healed.

So he was upset:

But being such a nice girl (without knowing her life could be taken easily by Meruem) she persisted him to kill her in Gungi because that's the only thing she could do well. Meruem (may) felt some feelings toward her at this time so he actually listened her to call Pitou to heal his arm.

Oh myyyy! Sweet!

But then, when he was contemplating with his feeling, he made sure that he only used her to get rid of his boredom and when time has passed, he could easily kill Komugi at once.

When he has set his mind, he then saw this view:

I never thought he would do this:

I was shocked, in awe ._.
He truly had feelings for her OHMY! I see some light in his heart!

I cannot believe what I have just seen! How can he take care of her that kind?
Note that on several episodes before he was a cruel and that killed human easily, men, women, elderly, toddler, kids. He killed them at once!

But he cared for Komugi this much! *I'm sobbing in happiness*

And his voice started to tremble:

He didn't understand himself.

Obviously you loved her, sire.

From this scene, I could predict that their future will be much much sadder.
*Not being sarcasm but that's a pity reality.

You see, Meruem is the King of the antagonist Chimera Ant but how come he was being like this to a pity human? I mean, he killed his Chimera Ant fellows, even his birth Chimera Ant mother but he couldn't lay a single hit to Komugi.

And they grew closer through Gungi.

When our beloved protagonists saw this scene someday later (future episodes) I can't imagine how would they react. Can't (and don't want to) imagine how would Gon react if he saw Komugi with Meruem that would be *argh* excuse me *inhale exhale*.

This review got to be super long so I'll make part two; when the Chimera Ants have ended. That will be a very long way from now on so I hope I can be patient to watch it slowly and will start to write the Review : Meruem x Komugi #2 someday in the future.

They are seriously one very interesting couple that's why I decided to write some review. They beat the Lelouch x Shirley and Tianzi x Xingke couple I have written back then. This one is full of twist and makes my heart go doki doki! NO!

I should give this review some rest; have a nice Thursday to all of you!

Hope no one would comment what happen on episode 113 and forward since I haven't watched it (and I plan to when I have had several episodes of them aired so I can watch them at once). Please respect it! :D

Update: Finished the part 2 of the review! CLICK CLICK :D

Lots of love ♥


  1. I've never seen this anime but it looks good! Hahaha. I can see you really like watching animes :))

    Anyway yeah I'll be having my final paper two weeks from now! How was yours? Haha. Really can't wait for the holiday to come. Hope you're enjoying yours! It's like a fresh break before stepping into a new school semester :))

    Enjoy your weekend! xx

    1. Yeah, animes are my getaway from hecticness. It's the season 5 of Hunter x Hunter, this is the first animation of it so yeah all new characters :D
      I'm doin great!! :D Now waiting for the results. Next week I'll have my new semester, so the holiday is very short. I hope you will pass your final paper well and have your deserved fresh break!!

      Thank you very much!! xoxo


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