Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review : Casio EX-TR15 WiFi demo.


Do you know that Casio EX-TR15 have this brand-new function brought by Casio which is to transfer photos to your phones via WiFi?

So Casio introduced its customers this WiFi function to transfer raw photos from EX-TR15 into your smartphones. After your phone received those raw photos, you can modify it or put it as your wallpaper or whatever you wish :)

Or you can post it to your social medias from your smartphone as well, if you want to hahaha.

I asked some opinions about this feature, some cherish it that they say it's really convenient and good! That's true :D though when I post photos on my blog (I always do?) I always have to put watermarks before uploading it; just because.

And some opinions said that it's not really useful. Cable data just work it well. Correct? I also mostly use cable data to transfer photos to my laptop because I need to resize and stamp watermarks on my photos and I use some softwares to do that hahaha.

So, this feature is that 'additional features' that will help people who needs it on the go!

Best said, you only need to bring your phone cable data when you're away, so you don't need to bring extra cables if you want to transfer it to your laptop. Very convenient right?

People are definitely diverse in opinions so I treasure all comments! You're free to say anything that you want, correct?

So my overall opinion about this feature:
♥ Very convenient!
I've said it three times now. It's very practical and nice if you need to transfer your HQ photos to your clients or whoever.
♥ Fast.
The transfer progress is incredibly fast. I've tried to transfer 10 photos at once and it's all done in under 5 seconds.
♥ Simple.
No biggies, you just need to switch on the WiFi and no more additional steps, they just directly process the transfer progress and terminate the WiFi immediately after it's done.

♡ Bugs. 
There are some of them. I'd mention about it here: 
#01. When you cancel your progress on the digicam, the screen goes blank and you can't do anything unless you pluck the battery out. 
#02. For some reasons, the latest update of the application won't let the phone connect to the digicam's WiFi when the mobile data is switched on (I switched the mobile data off on the demo above).

I believe in the future the bugs will be overcome and more amazing products will be launched! :) 

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Lots of love ♥


  1. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing! I removed the HTML with the warning (turns out Google removed the problem)!

    Visit me too!

  2. My tr15 wifi name won't appear on my phone wifi setting there .. Only after a few times after reconnecting .. Any idea what happened ? Is the parts in the camera spoilt or bugs problem ?

    1. I have the same problem as well. Any idea to solve this problem?

    2. Yeah! It happened to me too and my guess it's from the app on the Playstore. Switch off your data traffic and it should work. It happened to me too after the latest app update. Will tell them to fix the app soon. Thank you.

    3. I have the same problem as well. Now even worst i couldnt find the network no matter how many times i restart.

    4. It happened to me too! I tried to manually entered the network, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I am not a technical person so I don't know this in detail, but let me know if I can help you!

  3. My tr15 wifi name won't appear on my phone wifi setting there .. Only after a few times after reconnecting .. Do u think its the camera parts problem or bugs problem ? TT

  4. Hi there. I was googling and wondering if u experience the same. The photos on my tr looked more vibrant compared to the one i transferred to my phone (via wifi and also checked the original file on computer). The one viewed on phone and com are fader.

    Do u experience the same?

    1. Oh! I understand. It's the difference of the screens. In my phone, the photo colour is much fader, though in the digicam and in my laptop it is almost the same. :)


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