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Review : Comparison of EX TR150 and EX TR15.

Bring you a super review post to start this beautiful February!

This time I'll be doing something interesting: comparing two digicams from different generation.

Casio Exilim TR-150
Casio Exilim TR-15.

EX TR150 review : here
EX TR15 review : here

I am not doing many things right now since I lack of ideas atm (busy bee) but this time I'll discuss the digicam bodies and few demos.

As I had TR150 on my hand, I think it's a rather cute digicam because of many aspects:
♥ Its size
♥ Its colour
♥ Its overall shape

I think it beats many standard digicams in design. The lightweight, the thickness and the flexibility in turning around the lenses in many ways. The day I decided to buy this digicam is the day I will always remember

A year later, its upgraded generation came out : EX TR15.

It's expected to carry many positive traits from EX TR150 and also add many additional details that EX TR150 lack of. I will mention that slowly below.


Up: TR15; Bottom: TR150. Both generation thicknesses' stay the same. They also have indistinguishable weight differences. TR15 has additional touch for the sidepart of the digicam with a little bit curvature. The round side shutter button is a very positive upgraded point from TR15!

Left: TR150; Right: TR15. Both have perfect flexibility for the flip-screens and lenses. The TR15 is slightly smoother and easier to turn than TR150.

Left: TR150; Right: TR15. As they carry different outer design; their inner design is almost the same. TR15 has several upgraded features which will be described below. TR15 also has brighter screen.

Left: TR150; Right: TR15. Both have relatively different design. TR150 has metallic coloured design with some "pro touch" on the lens. TR15 has glitter-candy coloured design which the lens design's is also adjusted.

Close shoot of the lenses: though the size of both lenses are the same; TR150 gives the impression that it has more professional touch rather than the playful looking TR15. As for the result; TR15 is more powerful in the dark rooms.

Close shoot of the bodies: TR150 has metallic coloured body which looks pretty. TR15 has a glitter-candy coloured body which are cute because it sparkles and also it's beauty ONLY if it's taken care really well. For some reasons I don't understand that I can feel this TR15 has softer body which makes them more vulnerable with scratches. I feel very sad those scratches are very visible here which my bare eyes never noticed before!

I think TR15 slightly wins the shutter button design! Looks neat.

Overall design, both of them are similar but there are still some differences.

Personal opinion: I prefer TR150 for design. For TR15 in other colours; they have candy colours as well (pink and white) but the lens' area is also coated with candy colours--which I think is a downgrade for the design. I still like the TR150' lens design better!

Interface :



This time, TR15 wins.

Not only it has much brighter menu colours, the screen is also FAR more responsive than TR150. Whenever I use my TR150 I have always to put some little power everytime I got to select several menus. I even have to use my (nonexistent) nails to select the menus because the screen is really only 2 stars from 5 

Oh I now just remember! They gave a stylus along with the TR150 package! Since I'm a simple person I don't bother to bring much little stuff with me. I left the stylus with the box at home and I even forget that it exist. Yeah--TR150 needs some efforts in the touch screen.

Also; the interface of TR150 has darker colour and screen which at first I didn't notice. Now that I compare both interfaces I can see that TR15 has brighter colours and screen compared with TR150.

Though both have super cute interface as well

You can see that TR15 has several menus upgraded : the separated Natural makeup mode and Brightening makeup mode. In TR150 it only has one makeup mode (which I assume is Natural makeup mode).

But my first and honest opinion about it--it can be made as easier menus; or just be combined into one makeup mode in several options (Natural, Brightening, Baby, etc). Because: first; I never bother set the makeup mode differently each time I want to take photos, once I set it as Brightening makeup mode I never switch it to Natural makeup mode. Second; I think the Brightening mode in TR15 is a bit off sometimes, it's unstable (see the demo below).

Gonna mention it for the last time--TR15 has great touch screen response! Almost same like touch-screen phones nowadays!

Grip :


The feeling is similar.

Like I said before; now I notice it more that TR150's shell is slightly harder than TR15. I think it's caused by the coating as well. TR15 has this candy colour which has faint feeling of soft.

Both fit my hand though TR15 is a bit larger. Don't worry about this because my palms are uncommonly small so if an iPhone fits your hand well; these digicams will give about the same feelings.

Some demos :

Premium Auto shot for object. Under same circumstances; you can notice how the colour in TR150 is warmer than TR15.

Premium Auto shot for portrait. Here the colour difference is also noticeable; TR150 has warmer colour than TR15.

Makeup mode. TR150 has only one makeup mode; and TR15 has two makeup modes. I think I'm slightly disappointed in TR15's makeup modes because the "Natural" one is a bit too toney and the "Brightening" one doesn't look natural a bit. I think I need demos for some tone skinned girls here--I happen to look quite fair in front of sufficient lightnings XD Or maybe I think I look the best with TR150's makeup mode. I don't know how is the result with others.

Normal mode. I think both are equally nice here. Normal mode without any touch! Hello blemishes and acnes!

Premium Auto shot for Macro. Same with the Premium Auto shots before; TR150 has warmer colour than TR15.

Sorry I made weird hand movements because I need to mark my photos so they won't be any comparing mistakes

Some other additional demos for TR15 extra features are posted here.

For the photo results; I think I'd side with TR150 more. Though it has less scenes but its results are stable and the tone is balanced. For TR15; sometimes the brightness is too much (without manual controlling) so I happened to get a level 999 brightness for normal indoor photo shoots which turned ugly! :C

As for final conclusion:

Design //outer design, shells and colours.
TR150 : ★★★★☆ //Is very good already!
TR15 : ★★★☆☆ //Can improve the lens' design and shell's coat.

Interface //main menu and buttons.
TR150 : ★★☆☆☆ //Standard menu and features.
TR15 : ★★★★☆ //Very nice and cute, there are several bugs though.

Grip //comfortable within my hand.
TR150 : ★★★★☆ //Fit well.
TR15 : ★★★★☆ //Fit well.

Result //photos from many sites and circumstances.
TR150 : ★★★★★ //Almost no complain from all results.
TR15 : ★★☆☆☆ //Unstable lightning, and need warmer tone of shoots.

Special //unique features
TR150 : ★★★☆☆ //The standard one is nice enough.
TR15 : ★★★★☆ //Wifi function, doodle function.

Personal note:
I think when Casio designs the new generation of TR series; hopefully they will consider to bring in the positive traits from TR150 and TR15. I think both of them are awesome and their negative traits are solved with each other. If these products to be reviewed again and examined they will produce one of the most powerful an awesome rotating-screen digicam in the future!

All opinions posted above are honest from my experiences and I don't take any references from their official website; should I have any mistakes regarding any information of these digicam series please notice me immediately and I'll rectify it.

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Lots of love ♥


  1. omygawd! your review is so detailed! i love it! lOVE LOVE LOVE!! haha, i personally think TR150 is great! bfore that i always thought that TR150 and 15 is the same camera =..= like literally tot it was until i read this
    but what about the price?

    1. Haha they are different. In fact they have lots of differences! I am not sure about converting the price but it should be around 3,500K IDR. ^^ which means *google* it equals to 950 MYR :)

  2. From the photo demos you posted, I actually think the T150 is nicer (for me!). I don't know, maybe because I like my photos to be a little warmer? Haha. And the colour of course! Love the metallic pink <3

    1. Yeah I think of that too! I like warm photos because it looks somehow natural and enhances the skin colour. Thank you! <3 I'm lovin it too ^^

  3. I asked the price out there, 2599 MYR. . Why so expensive??

    1. I assume it's because of the high demand and the low stock :) but I love this cam.

  4. Hello where u buy casio ex tr 15? And how much?

    1. Hi! I believe it's sold in Plaza Indonesia ^^ Where is your location?

  5. Where do you buy casio ex tr 15 and how much?

    1. Hi! I believe it's sold in Plaza Indonesia ^^ Where is your location?


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