Monday, February 24, 2014

Life updates #3




I didn't go online and check my stuff here since last week correct? I was busy going out ah, so much fun!

And now back to blogging yays!

So~~~~my semester five break is officially ended (hayaii!) and I got to prepare my mental to face the super semester six!

Do I sound so senior?? "Third-year student" sounds cool right!

As a senior student in my uni; I don't even feel I'm that senior at all! I still have this inner child soul inside and I enjoy fun stuff everyday. And I don't take anything stressfully.

That's my thought. The fact which I never realize is, I had a stressful semester five. Though I always tried to enjoy every single day; my mental state and my body was under pressure so that I caught cough so often and my hormon level was disturbing (I got to skip many months for my periods naww).

After a rather relaxing semester five with 4 active days only, I got to have a 6 active days semester now. Especially the late classes; I am sure it will be pretty late, and much later when I have the pilling assignments to do.

Though most of my classes are not that early this time but I got to be an early bird or I will be screwed. Early pressure is here! But I'm gonna get rid of them away! >:D I think it will be fun!

At least it will be better compared with the break days which I have nothing to do. I don't like the condition where I have nothing to do, yet, I wasn't looking for anything productive to do. I'm contradicting myself right?

One sad thought is also that I will be leaving uni next year and I currently have no fixed plan on what will I do. NEXT YEAR is a blink away so I think I got to consider about it seriously, correct?

Moving out?
Confirmed. I will be kicked out from Binus for sure so I got to find another place to live. Mama told me the other day that she got plans for me and asked me to think about it whether it suits my condition or not. We will either rent an apartment or buy one. For me? *cough cough* no idea. Me has no money for now, anyway it's still far in the future (but honestly it's not).

I have this crazy idea to work overseas. But, honestly I think that's a nice idea? I have been thinkin about it too, to go to a far and unknown place and just gamble everything sounds so adventurous and awesome right!

Personal life?
I honestly, honestly, afraid of talking about personal life here because it's personal, you know? Though I'm 21 years old now but I think I won't blog about this for now until everything is settled. I haven't thought about it much but I have bare ideas about how my future will be. A bit spoiler, it is going to be super fun and exciting!

Planning to return to my initial weight for sure. I consider to restart my swimming and basketball activities probably (when I'm sure I won't grow any cm more) because I don't want to grow taller. I know you might think that I am weird but I seriously don't wish to grow taller. I'm 1.65m btw. I have long torso and arms but short legs so that actually makes me look like a monkey (?) XD but I can see that no one notice this for real hahahaha.

But seriously, who will think that I have such complicated adult matters run in my head when all I enjoy daily are soft plushies, pets, Hello Kitty, good foods, and anime?

I have many of my friends who thought I was a quiet, reserved, mature friend then they changed their minds just because they have seen my true colour? I honestly feel ashamed to admit this. I feel sorry to give them wrong first impression of the reserved and mature me.

Deep inside I'm a playful and pressureless cute little girl.

I got excited over almost anything and I giggle at little things. I love everything nice, warm and comfortable and I enjoy hugs and kisses.

I also love some dare things and love to do unexpected things and these things thrill me so much that I enjoy it to the moon and back!

For now, I am going to take my first step to the reality of life and I'm going to take it slowly. I, once again, never have pressured mind consciously so I wish to learn every little thing here and there, to document everything in my life here (on this blog hahaha) and to continue to live to my fullest!

Sa~te, I got to return to my thesis PKM now! ;__; ganbatteeee!

Here is a shout to everyone who enjoy their lives, and for those who don't, you should try it!

Lots of love ♥


  1. All the best with your new semester! I'm sure you'll do fine as long as you correctly prioritize things :)

    I also want to one day work overseas! I actually want to travel around more first to find which place would be most suitable for me to migrate to. Then I'll find a job there. Haha! Sounds very risky and stuff, but it will be super fun and like you said, adventurous! But don't worry so much about it, I'm sure when the time comes you'll know what you want to do :)

    Good luck!

    PS. The Pocket app is available on android! :)

    1. Thank you! That's a learning progress but I'm doing my best! :D I really appreciate it.

      I know right!! I think travelling first is a good idea but I am not sure about my parents allowing me to travel. I think for now it sounds big but nothing is impossible! Yeah the risk and stuff, but that's part of how adventurous this decision, right? Yeah as the time comes I believe I will have the answer what to do! ^^

      Oh, that's nice to hear! Thank you!! :D


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