Thursday, January 30, 2014



  1. Last selca on snake year.
  2. 2 boxes of pizzaaaa.
  3. Meruem x Komugi SAD SCENE (anime post will up soon yea!)

It's CNY eve and I'm sitting in front my laptop with dollies.

Should write here; that my family is that one of a kind.

Normally, every CNY parents would call their children who are wanderin around to go home for reunion dinner is it? I got few days without any urgent needs to go to uni so I asked them whether I can go home for one or two days?

Guess what--they said: no need ar.


Okay; I understand how the weather is not nice lately and if I only go back for 1-2 days so I'm going to spend 2 days driving and that would exhaust me since the first Monday of February I'll be having my finals,

and many other excuses.

So I am now not sure whether I am loved or not (jkjkjkjk)

This year is the 3rd year of me having CNY alone; comparing with last year I still got to go for CNY eve dinner with my relatives in Jakarta but this year I don't think I'm goin anywhere.

I lazed out these two days and just started my spring cleaning today. I am not sure how long would I take to do spring cleaning and turned out it took me 6 hours to clean my whole 2x3 room (not sure). Okays it took me so long because I hesitated on lots of things to throw away.

I threw away lots of stuff this time. I even threw away one pair of headset which still worked but the thing turned sticky and eww for some reasons so I decided to throw it away--despite of the fact that it still works properly.

Now I feel sad to throw it away ohno.

Okays, after done my spring cleaning I bought two pans of pizza for my dinner tonight and to laze out companion tomorrow. Confirm gain weight also even I don't have any reunion dinner OMG ah!

By the way,

The title doesn't represent any CNY thingie though; it's the title of the latest ED song belongs to Hunter x Hunter 2011. You can say I have Hunter x Hunter fever now!

They are one of the best anime produced, ever! I'm so happy cry that it still airs (no sign of ending soon)!

The ending is normal-paced anime ending song; compared to others. But THE FEELS ohmy. If you don't watch Hunter x Hunter you wouldn't get what kind of anime Hunter x Hunter is.

Moreover, if you're not an anime person--you'd have no idea what is Hunter x Hunter about. You'd think it's sort a one crazy anime but trust me--I give my sleeps away for this anime!

If you have 2 minutes free time and you will to watch some awesomeness of this anime I suggest you to watch this song above NOW.

Some people + monsters + Cell like monster playing chess with a girl = Hunter x Hunter.

Confused? Meh? Curious?

I'm writing some rambles about Hunter x Hunter now and the post will be up soon!

Have a great Chinese New Year to all of you!
May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead!

Huat huat!
Gong xi fa cai★

Lots of love ♥


  1. Awww sweetie ((((()))))) don't be too upset, they love you I am sure. It's hard to be alone on such days, but in their heart they are with you I am sure. So a very happy and healthy and prosperous New Year to you.
    big big hugs darling

    1. Yeah! I think they have their reasons; and I am also doing well here though the fact that I spend the day alone :) Thank you again! xoxo

  2. So you done same as me, I passed my last New Year eve by myself. :S (For obviously reasons, we don't have CNY here. hehe) Just bought 2 boxes of pizza and Coke. And I stayed sat there in my room watching those annoying fireworks (Uh! How i hate them). So I turned on my Xbox and played till next morning.

    I got curious now about this anime. Does it have in english? Enjoyed the video. :)
    Oh and Happy Chinese New Year to you! :D (so awkward to say that)

    See you, girl!

    1. Aw same thing! Anyway I did well and had fun by myself rather than wasting my time pouting things. Haha I had pizzas too; they're so great right! I had pizza too on December 31st and those are awesome! Omgl btw I spent my New Year eve alone as well LOL!

      I envy you and you Xbox haha! Yeah of course they have English subtitle. You should start it--anyway the beginning is a bit boring but hang on there; because you don't want to miss one of the best anime ever!

      Thank you for your wish!

  3. Happy Chinese New Year to you! :))

    Haha. I'm so craving for pizza right now. Haven't had pizza for soooo long! :(( And oh, of course you're loved! Maybe your parents are just thinking the inconvenience it would cause you so they didn't make you come :)

    I remember watching Hunter x Hunter when I was younger with my cousins and brothers. But now... I've forgotten what the whole anime is about.. Ooops! Haha. Maybe I can find the time to watch again once my school year is over :)

    Happy CNY again! :)

    1. Happy Chinese New Year to you too! ^^

      You should go for Pizza; by the way! I remember last two years I went to Vivocity and I was treated some pizza; in this restaurant I didn't remember the name. I could see the sea from there. Probably you have any idea? You should go there and try--their pizza was really nice!!

      Hahaha! Omg; I was hesitating when I was about to restart my HxH anime (the 2011 one though) and I don't regret I did! You should find some time in your break time yeah! I also need some free time to be able to enjoy my anime well! ^^

    2. Oooh! Thanks for informing me! That place sounds really good! I'll make sure to visit Vivocity once my holidays are here and hopefully I'll find the place you're talking about! :))

  4. awww.. you're spending CNY alone again this year? Don't be sad. you are loved, I am sure.
    I wish you a very Happy New Year!! and may this year be more prosperous and bring you more luck~~ :D

    1. I am sure of that too; though I was hesitating at first! Heehee! Thank you! Happy new year to you too :D :D


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