Friday, January 10, 2014

Rough journeys.

So, talking about my journey during holiday; I had a long one.

I drove back to my parents house and drove back to Jakarta. Though it's only around 550KM but it really feels so far if you drive.

When I was about to drove back, my aunt was coincidentally returning from Thailand and asked us whether she could nebeng our car home. So, we added one more personnel in our journey back! Haha.

It has been raining for 3 days and night and upon reaching a city called Kroya (or something yadda I forget) the road to Jogja was closed because there was a flood in the middle and the bridge was falling down. :C So we turned to another road which was SUPER SUPER FAR; added 10+ hours to our journey which originally 3 more hours left to home sweet home.

So the drivers were too tired and we decided to camp a night on a rest station. The very next day, we continued our journey back home and evening then we reached. Super tired ma.

The journey back here? It was better. There was no flood and such and the weather was cloudy the whole day round! It was so nice so we took a closer road through the hills and mountains which was SUPER SCARY I told you!

Upon two hours pushing the gas pedal around the hills I started to feel nausea and felt like vomiting XD probably I wasn't paying too much attention to my front side so my stummy for some reason got mad and wanted to squeeze all the half-food half-porridge out through my mouth. Uagh! I never had carsick before it felt so terrible uwww.

I couldn't continue to push the pedal and papa took over until we almost reached Bandung and I felt better and I could make it to Jakarta. We stopped by uncle house for two days too, because we brought him some foodies, milkfish and backside of pork, also kisi pork (Idk what's this, pork's knuckle? haha). And we ate many many good things also! Chillax, it will be on next few posts.

I actually embedded subtitles on this video but somehow it's gone?

Mama was talking to my aunt about someone's bro who was stabbed on his hand with a pencil by his teacher. Her late dad then looked for that teacher but the teacher was scared.

Saw that standing man on the pick-up truck which amused me! XD

On my way back I had a carsick oh god so I slept around 3/4 time of the way and felt so terrible. I won't mock anyone who have carsick anymore it's definitely crap. XD

We had a lively and fun journey though it was very very long and tiring. :3

Lots of love ♥


  1. Hello there!
    Great post here!!
    Kawaii ne! Sugoii!
    I always love reading your blog!!


  2. oh my! I got carsick even on a four hours journey!
    but at least you were having so much fun!

    1. Ugh! I hope you can over come it... I know how do you feel :(

  3. Sounds like such an eventful journey! Ahaha. I've never stayed inside a car for that long so I've never felt "carsick" before :P Must be horrible! And ooooh. You can drive?! I so envy you!

    1. Haha! You're lucky... It is my first time as well. I'd better take plane or train next time. :D
      I didn't feel the thrill of driving; I learned driving too early... Maybe you should try to learn! It's always nice to learn everything ^^

  4. Poor you, carsickness sucks!!! Thx for sharing the video, was fun to watch, even I couldn't understand a single word. Bummer that the subtitles were gone. Anyhow the standing man on the pick up truck was amazing.
    Have a lovely weekend dear

    1. Yeah it sucks! I'm sorry that the subs are gone, I don't have the master file anymore... I'd make sure Youtube won't cut the vid again. Haha. Thank you for reading xx

  5. Very nice post!

  6. i can totally understand how car sick you were! especially when you're going through the mountains! that's like sooo car sick ! i always sleep and curl up into a ball whenever i feel car sick

    1. Yeahhhh! :c the worst! I wanted to curl but my body is like too long even for the back seat so I just covered my face with pillow and slept... XD haha

  7. omg
    hope u fine now
    it suffer do have carsick

    would you like to follow each other?
    pls let me know :)

    1. I'm fine now thank you! Well sure I will do :D thanks

  8. Ohh I already had a carsick once too. But I was like 10 and the distance was about 2000km.
    But it was only once, hope I never have again. D:

    Nice video, but i miss the subtitles (didn't understand nothing). lol
    Regards from Brazil! :D

    1. Oh wow 2,000 km is crazy o.o I hope you won't get it again. Yeah sorry for the subs, I am too occupied to make a new vid again. It won't happen next time! :)


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