Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meeting up with nephews and nieces.

During holiday, coincidentally my cousins were all gathered in Jogja so we met up several times and went to places for fun.

They brought their kids too so being the youngest cousin the lone me helped them babysit those little devils! Yeah they are very cute and very naugthy at the same time! (≧∪≦)

I am not sure how to handle toddlers because they speak different language (you understand this?) and some of them are quite active and running by themselves (≧∀≦) they are so cute to see and sometimes pretty troublesome because they climb stairs and they don't understand warnings! Walau every minute must make sure they don't climb anything or else their parents or their ah ma will scream veri loudly!

That time, a very boring day as boring as an 8-hours chess match then my cousin jie kidnapped me to go to a lantern garden. I've never been here before because I was not interested and turned out it really was boring--this place is perfect for toddlers but it brought me walking around just like some lost tourist? Hahaha.

On the other hand, nieces and nephew were all very fun because they are surprisingly not too innocent. Har? I wonder what they eat until they have become super clever like that XD


An unfancy pasar malam it is like. Well but it 'might' be very fun for toddlers as my niece screamed and ran anywhere until her mummy grew tired haha.

A family shoot which has no me -- I was the photographer D:

So I was the closest with my nephew -- the only nephew that joined that day. He is actually pretty adorable but kind of speaking alien language so I could just speak another alien language to him to entertain him la!


He then screamed at balloons and I told him : that hello kitty one ah, very good right? Buy that ok? Ask mummy buy hello kitty balloon? 
And his mummy = my cousin jie actually one of my jiejie that common thing between us is that we both woov hello kitty so she picked that hello kitty balloon for him.

"Eh why is this so pink ah?"

"Don't want pink stuff!"

"...Actually it is not bad."

Fatfat said I taught him to become a sissy la omg no la he will grow to be a superman okay! Since he is still small so better buy hello kitty stuff for him so that if he abandons them so we can pick those stuff and klepto them XD

The other day, it was my niece's first birthday so I went to her house and kind of having dinner together :D

Don't think I'd share many of my cousins' faces as I didn't tell them that I blog XD oh well, might as well asking them for permission for uploading photos before but nah.

Mike's face sister has personally told me to censor her face so I did it. Though sometimes she told me to uncensor her face but she scared of being "accidentally famous" lmao.

This is a holiday throwback post.

Lots of love ♥


  1. Awww I wish I could visit my relatives too! But they're so far away. Haha. I also really enjoy my little cousins' company. They always fight for my attention (especially the little girls) haha. And that cake! I'd seriously love to have that for my own birthday. :P

    1. Hehehe! I hope you can got to see them in near time! It's always fun to meet our relatives especially if we click. Your little cousins are really adorable <3 my nephew and nieces are all running away from me for some reasons XD yeah her birthday cake is cute!

  2. I have a nephew too. He is so addicted to videogames as I am. Everytime that I go visiting my sister he screams "Dindooo (It's an expression used in the south of Brazil that means godfather) let me play Angry Birds in your cellphone" haha He's so adorable! Unfortunatelly, I just can't visit them often because my they live about 800km far away.. So it's like 3 or 4 times in a year that we see each other. But is so good to visit them! :)

    Enjoyed the pictures, such a nice place! :D

    1. That is really nice! He is so adorable for sure :D You are lucky! I hope you can see them more often. I miss my nephews and nieces as well


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