Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life updates #2

My last week of semester five → Me as a busy bee!

All assignments' deadlines are here, at least I have passed most of them. Tomorrow I got to submit the raw website design and form validation (much easier than my semester 3 de project duno why rawr) and last will be Minor Thesis Defense! *drumsroll

Been so moody and tired yeah but nevertheless, I always go to bed happy XD for some reasons my self-hypnotising works. Want to learn how?

I'll write about it someday heehee.

So on Tuesday evening I was adoring myself in front of mirror after shower hahaha and grabbed a scissor and chopped my hair. Instantly. Without plan. And it was one of the most outrageous moment I had this year. I cut my hair by myself without any plan XD

Honestly I saw those splitends and I went crazy. Tons of conditioner doesn't work and I think I should let my hair hangs more lightly so I decided to chop some grams off.



I forgot to pull my buni buni tummy!!!! *panic

Nope it is not dramatic. I only chopped some dry ends and it looked good afterward.

But today I just realized that the right-part length and the left-part one are different. So I grabbed my scissors again and chopped some more centis--kind of little bit scared because I don't know how would it turn out to be if I chop it the way too short.

Not sure if I'll notice another mistake again but now it is all good! I feel pretty! Yay

This might be a hidden talent! I can find some time to learn some hairstyles and chop my hair as how I want it to be without being too embarrassing for asking a hairdresser how I want my hair to be styled. Honestly my last three haircut appointments all were disappointing.

And as I bet and guessed; nobody noticed it! At first I thought it was a yay but now that I think about it, I wanted my friends to say: hey you cut your hair ah? So I can answer: yup! By myself! Sugoi right?

Nobody actually noticed it so I got to say it by myself: I cut my hair loh; and they replied: oh really? Is not that noticeable.


Today ah, I woke up late and half-asleeply sat on my chair and there was this horrible sound appeared. I was horrified and stood up quickly and turned out I sat on my make-up mirror!!!!

If you notice it actually has ass-shaped crack!


Don't tell me to do anything ridiculous because I don't believe it.

But trust me, this gave me chills for quite a while. Turned out today went really well! I finished my WBP website project de javascript before I go home and now I can sit here and blog happily and will CSS-ing later tonight.

I'm just sad that I now no longer have make-up mirror; though I don't use this make-up mirror for doing my make-ups. I love to watch at my own face and self-hypnotise myself to do good deeds. I now no longer can do that--at least until I have my new make-up mirror!

Also, the weather nowadays are all about rain. Raining pups and kittens everyday and super rain, especially the one with big winds and storms and thunders.

Though the weather is so comfortable but I got to hide all day if there is this super rain! I don't like thunders. /shrug


Preview of the super rain at my uni one afternoon--How I wish it goes summer already by now!

Lastly, I am thrilled to watch this movie:

Hunter x Hunter : Phantom Rouge !

I am super turned on to see these trailers omg I'm not; I guess I am!!

It has been around months since last time I left my HxH 2011 series? I left on episode 80+ because the Chimera Ant thingie scares me ugh. So because of this movie I'll let my Detective Conan episodes rest for a while and I'm continuing in Hunter x Hunter not because of any weird reasons (though I admit there are some fanservices here and it's gruesome!) but the entire plot itself turns me on! (Am I weird?)

Where is my fellow TeamZoldyckFan?

Lots of love ♥


  1. cute pics!

  2. Hahaha! That photo with you smelling your hair(?) looks so cute! Hahaha. And wow. You actually dare to cut your own hair? I can't imagine doing that to mine. It would look disastrous! Haha. My hair used to be so long (until my waist) and there were too much split-ends I couldn't take it. So I had it cut to shoulder length now :P Your hair looks nice! <3

    Btw, thanks for giving ideas for the CNY gift! Now I'm not so clueless anymore! :)) And also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Hope you can check it out! :)

    1. Heehee just a way to show my newly cut hair! Yeah, it was a dare thing; I am not sure whether I will do it again but it was actually fun! Hahaha~ Probably you should go to your hairdresser. Maybe my next haircut I should go to hairdresser as well. Yeah splitends are horrible! I am glad I got rid of them now but surely in no time they will be there; again!

      Thank you anyway! And you're welcome! Hehe. And thank you again XD for the award! I will post it shortly soon :D

  3. Kind of hard to notice that you cut your hair. haha (sorry)
    This video make me fells like going to my bed and sleep. I love the sound of rain and ther thunders. It's so good to sleep! :D

    1. No worry! Nobody in real life notice about it as well ^^
      Hahaha. It is surely nice to sleep through; but it is kind of scary as well


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