Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kutsu no hatsunetsu ♥

a.k.a Shoes fever ♥

I bought three pair of shoes by the end of 2013 until early of this year because most of my shoes I use daily now are worn out, some got holes that can't be helped.

And this is one of the biggest shopping I have done in my entire life breathing, by myself. I have just spent this year's spree money for these shoes like


From right to left:
#1 A pair of sneakers
#2 A pair of pantofel shoes
#3 A pair of running shoes

Since I have no shoes to wear to uni (I spoiled my brown shoes) so I decided to buy a cheapo sneakers. I found this one really cute and bought the separated pink laces for it (it is originally beige coloured laces) so it's now pretty striking and cute!

Got some dirts liao bcs I took this picca after using this shoes for several days DX

I bet these shoes' age will be less than a year. They look pretty fragile and thin though!

Pantofel shoes;
As you know my Minor thesis Defense is coming near (this 28th yeaaaah!) and I need some formal attires. I had this Pantofel shoes for super cheap (around IDR95,000) for pretty simple and nice model!

I honestly like how they look! :D

Our main star: running shoes!
It took me ages to decide whether I will buy these running shoes or not. I was contemplating for so long even until I messaged several ppl to ask them which model is nicer. (Yeah, I was confused over two choices).

At first, I wanted to head to Re*bok store which got lots of choices for brands (called Sportstations or Newathletes) such as Nik*, Re*bok, Adid*s, Newb*lance, Sk*cher etc etc but I had nothing I really liked. One reason why I delayed buying running shoes for years.

I then stopped at CP de Sk*chers and fell in love with these pairs! After considering the price (and said bye bye to my one year spree money ;__;) so I bought these pairs yay!

I don't regret it. They are AWESOME! (and super pricey too huhuhu)

I am treasuring these pairs so much!

My parents are also approving me buying these pairs so I'm happy without regret!

I'm not the type that will shop this much at once so I'm pretty shocked XD but after this, I'm gonna save tightly for real to cover all the moolah I've lost.

Do you like shopping for shoes?

Lots of love ♥


  1. Actually I hate buy shoes. I just have 2 pairs and use them until they spoil. lol
    And when I need a new pair, I picked the first one that fit me. haha

    1. That sounds like me! I seldom buy shoes but this time I bought 3 pairs at once that' why it's extraordinary to me XD I spoiled my last shoes so I got to buy a new one!

  2. Love those sneakers! I'm in serious need of a pair because all I have are my flat shoes and flip flops and boots. I really need a pair of casual sneakers for casual days. Haha :)

    1. Yeahhhh same thing with me! I only have flipflops and sneakers; I don't even have boots :"D hahaha. You should get one! heehee^^


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