Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 is going to be a big year!

Happy New Year! *late

I know I haven't touched any of my internet space during holiday and seriously I think I've forgotten this blog for a while. I haven't felt such burdenless feeling for ages!

But I'm very happy that I return here, and I will continue to blog yea (^^;)

As it's still early of 2014, I have felt that this year will be super awesome for me. I can feel that 2014 is a big year!

Firstly, I have decided that I will start to find a proper job. A job with contracts and salaries. Unlike some freelancing and volunteering, I'll truly live for my passion, hobby, skills and likeness. For now, I have some rough ideas about how will I work. Probably I'll try to find some internships, or some part-time things.

Though everyone's experienced would think that I say rubbish things about living with my passions but it's still okay for me. I mean, I have known what I want, but when in the future things are changing for better (it always is) I'll be gladly live my life as well! There will be un-noticeable whines and cries. There will be more sweatings and bleedings.

As for my skills, I don't think my 2,5 years of studying Information System will be enough for me, also I prefer to start from a zero rather than having some stepping stones and sitting in a nice couch at once. Even so, I will prepare all my skills at their best!

I'd be ready with some digital designing and digital drawing, website design, maintenance and developing. Probably should practice A. Illustrator (ask my friend to teach me one haha she wouldn't mind I hope!) as I've been familiar with A. Photoshop for years.

I'd also prepare the main course: system designing and analysing, some bits of programming and also business and enterprises knowledges. Though I doubt I'd remember the details even now but I at least have the rough pictures.

I'd try to increase some other skills around this area as well by looking for some workshops etc. at uni; I know that they give lots and lots of that and for now I'll try to look for it seriously.

I'll try to talk to some people and ask their opinion about how will I do in my internships and works. I asked about this before and I had long chat for days and still, I still need to look for more signs about it on semester six; then I can decide how will I do it.

Okay, so I'd settle this slowly and I'll blog about it more next time!

Second, year 2013 was a huge gap for my personality! A big surprise.

I swore a lot last year, and by I mean a lot, it almost couldn't be counted and I felt so bad about it! I know I wasn't taught any of it and I learned it from my environment and I thought it was cool what, I also influenced my innocent friend to swear noooo :c

I admit I may look quiet and innocent outside but I live an adult life which is full of some difficult things in my mind. Don't worry, it won't spoil and drop even if I'm drunk.

Sometimes the childish voice and the mature voice inside my mind are arguing and it makes me headache! Haha.

I also stayed up until morning for some important things and some unimportant things; and the current me want to live a good, long and healthy life so I will stop. This year no more doing harm to my body.

Okay for 2014, I won't follow any swearing trend and will be a 999% myself!

By the way, I made a holiday to-do list before my end of year holiday and it seemed that I uninstalled the to-do list application accidentally and I lost my list; so I didn't follow any. But the thing is, I still had many many things I did during holiday and it worn me out every single day!

For some unknown reasons I felt so happy that I was exhausted on my holiday (though there were some piggy times as well haha!).

I've been contemplating about this, but unlike last year which I wrote a huge beginning of year post, I decided to separated my holiday activities into small posts. I think it would be better that way. Also, I won't blog about myself for a while.

By delaying my holiday posts plus new digicams review posts which I've tried and played with, also some updates on my Information System Minor Project thesis so everything will be mixed up I guess. I try to make everything tidy though, I like clean look on my blog.

Talking about the look, I did a few change on my blog theme! Do you notice about it?

I rearranged the Simple Template from blogger, added some radius and some colour testing.. It took me ages to decide which colour I would use on this theme. I wanted to change the colour theme to semi pink and peach for this year but as I saw it, I think I've been loving the grey theme on my blog.

Reason is, with grey themed blog, I am free to put any colour into my posts which will be super colourful without messing the main theme colour. Perfect right!

I added some pink touch as for the link etc. just like last year theme. So it remains nice and calm in my eyes and surely in my readers' eyes. Alright?

I admit the polkadots background is a bit too much, do you agree? I might want to lighten the colour a little bit more when I am free--I'm half asleep now (≧∪≦)

It took me the longest to create the header. I no longer use my selcasu as my header because the current me realized that it's super embarrassing as I realized so many of my classmates read my blog.

So I stick with cute Meru! After some weeks trying lots of things on Photoshop I decided this one is the best. Yeah it has transparent background, so I won't need to recreate the header whenever I feel like changing the blog theme colours.

The japanese word is taken from the Clannad : After Story episode title : あの日と同じ笑顔で [With the same smile as that day]. The episode itself is not my favourite but I think the title is nice. I just want to remind myself to be happy always! /honestlyitfeelsweird /haha

What do you think about my new blog theme?

Lots of love ♥


  1. YAY! You're finally back and blogging again! Haha. How was your holidays? :) I've literally been checking your blog for any updates every single time. Hahaha!

    Anyways, hope your 2014 will be amazing to you! And I really LOVE your new theme! I've been trying so hard to create a better header. I love how cute yours is! :)

    1. Haha!! Really?? Sorry it took me so long and thank you for that! :D I'm definitely returning the loves back.

      Thank you! I spent so many weeks designing and I hope it would last... My brain juices keep on creating so many new designs! I love your blog theme so much as well! It's very cute and pink :3 I really love it!

  2. Hi chingu yaaa~~! ^_^
    I really love your new template and the header is so soo cute:))
    I really hope that 2014 will be best year ever and good luck with your plans:))
    Miss you much*_*

    1. Chingu ya~! I miss you so much!! Happy new year to you :D Thank you! I hope you are doing well there too!
      Let's have a great 2014 ahead :D

  3. Hello girl!
    So glad that you`re blogging again.
    Really enjoyed the new template.
    I hope you have a great year.

    Regards from Brazil! :D

    1. Thank you! Are you my regular reader? you too thanks! :)

    2. Oh yeah, I'm always reading your blog. It's pretty awesome and you're such a great writer!

      *I had to format my laptop and had lost it from my favorites.. but luckily I found it again! :D

    3. Haha thank you! I am just writing what I am thinking and I'm glad you enjoy it! Haha you are lucky to find this blog again! Nice to know you anyway :)


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