Friday, December 6, 2013

The real place.


From your most random of view! I had a good week! Who knows it is Friday already?

I left with nothing to blog yet so many things to write. What a brain! I have been superly filthy these weeks you know? Reaching final weeks of MTP, I have not done any housechores and left my room crazy.

I can even list those unrelated things on my desk:
- Cloth hanger lol
- Two combs
- Multiple plug
- Whiteboard eraser
- Hair vitamin spray
- Piles of cables which makes me want to vomit la uagh
- Plas chamois lol

My stingy soul wants me to clean all of these mess but the realistic body keep telling me to hire a maid to clean this because no energy left to wipe the desk clean uwww.

I draw logics and code for hundreds of hours and I imagine this will be my future.

See the crazy logic for the Search profile module? Ohmyyyy! Thanks to my friend for actually finishing the insane logic of Search module.

My friend introduced me to a new text editor named SublimeText. It's an inverted colour text editor so my eyes won't be too damaged with the dark colour exposion for hours! :3 super likey!

So I really wish I'll finish one of the last module: Report Generator module. I know nothing about company reports generated to managers and I searched and asked anywhere and no result. It's a bit angered me that anyone really can't tell me anything about it. I mean, come on I really need it ohmygod THREE DAYS LEFT man I wish any savior can help me at least what to put in the report!

I was angry by myself and swore a lot in my room (oops sorry neighbor) and by the next day I couldn't help it but just draw logic with anything I can think of. Ugh ugh. Still unsatisfied. But it is all that I have. :C

My friday doesn't feel like those nice fridays anymore. You bet why.

P.S I have the urge to change my blog template, but I guess I'll be doing it after new year yays.

Lots of love♥


  1. Replies
    1. I think it's only 2% of the whole system xD

  2. oh my the logic code is just too 'what?' haha i can totally relate your work table, everything seems to be all over the table!

    1. Can't agree more! Dx Need to clean everything up before holiday~

  3. that insane amount of code.... T____T I feel like I'm going to cry......
    Oh, sublime text is also available for windows? I thought it is only for mac!! "orz Perhaps I can download it later on XDD
    Have you tried contacting relatives who are managers or some kind?? Or employees who work under a manager ._.
    Hope you do well on the MTP! Good luck senpai, just a few more days to go!! :D

    1. Don't cry! xD hahaha... Yeah it's available on Win 7. I'm using the portable one though~
      It's alright! Lecturer highlighted the report generator but seems like he forgave it for being so simple xD thank you~~!

  4. Hah! You should see MY room especially my desk. You'll seriously think that yours is clean. Hahaha. And I know right. Programmers' problems. Sigh. Good luck!

    1. Hahah! Same feel~ Thank you thank you for supports! xoxo :D


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