Thursday, December 12, 2013

Minor Project Thesis : week 10 and 11 (and a few random stories).

Haven't had some time to breathe and relax here... Oh, hi hi! *wave*

So, I reached the final week of MTP and and and and *sob* I think everything goes well though there are still some things missing, tidbits of coding lines and some database synchronisation.

Hontou ni hontou ni yokatta! I thought I would mess everything up and just lie down on my floor and sob. (*^.^*)

There are several things actually happened during my last few weeks before submission and I happened to think "oh this should appear in my journal!" and grabbed digicam and snap snap stuff.

01. Sunset sky.
Yeah, insufficient digicam decreased the beauty of the sunset I encountered last time... But yeah; some days ago the sunsets were incredibly beautiful!!

02. Traffic jam.
I am not sure whether I have written it down in this journal yet or not, but that time when I was about to go home from Binus I was trapped in the super traffic jam for 2 hours! I went out at around 5+pm and I reached home at around 8pm *cry* whereas at that time my bladder almost bursted and I just found out 我有我的月经3周更快。 *insert some sadness in alien language here*

03. Overnight coding.
I coded overnight from Sunday until Tuesday. Yesterday (Tuesday) was the Thesis Feasibillity testing or whatever it's called (I honestly am not sure what was that about) but we're presenting the system in front of lecturer and yadda. That's why I rushed the last few modules to the maximum level and barely slept. Monday night then decided to go to friend's house to code until morning.

Though until the testing day I still couldn't finish the Report generator module (hateeee so much ugh!) but then lecturer gave some feedbacks and after then we decided to do last few revisions before Next week and print it out then... Yay!

Monday outfit plus a happy face outside, dying inside! (Haven't slept a single blink at this time).

Morning breakfast with happytos and mungbean at Indomart!! Me likeyz.

2AM : the sleepiest time of the day! Eventually friends (who barely slept too the day before) couldn't bear not to blink so they all closed their eyes and slept... I was still fine so I coded, and selcasu!! For fun *haha* but soon they woke up one by one as well.

So after presenting the system, I went home, ate and such, and fell asleep while I was texting *worst habit*! I was awake at midnight though because I haven't shut down my laptop so I shut down my laptop and continued texting and fell asleep again! I then regained consciousness at around 6pm! Aiya! A really awesome wednesday!

Now that I think about it, it is super funny XD

And I just realized today that yesterday was 08:09:10 11/12/13 and 11/12/13 14:15:16?!

Okay, I passed those time with sleeping soundly and yeah I felt nothing. :|

So yesterday my brother (other cousin haha) David got married with his girlfriend (of course haiz) and it was a very quick and simple marriage with only elders came because it was a private party. I wish you all the best! xoxo.

Make the best of 111213! :3

Yesterday is also Mikichan's birthday! Happy 3rd birthday sister! <3

I made it my best too... With losing consciousness for almost a day and I returned alive, gladly. If I didn't return, it will be too sad! I still have lot of things I want to do and I still have lots assignments to submit! XD jk.

Going to pamper myself now and work on my assignments again later then!

Lots of love♥


  1. yay happy birthday to your sister! 3rd sister? how many sisters you got? anyway, your pocket camera looks great over here (the picture quality) i don't see what's the problem ( :

    1. Hehe! I have only one sister xD should have written it's my dog :3
      Yup so far it's fine~ when I earn better amount of $ and nothing much to buy I will probably buy SLR and increase my blogging quality :D

  2. Semangaat buat minor nya ...
    semester depan cari temen buat se-group skripsi biar gak mepet .. hehe

  3. Those photos of the sunset look really pretty! And you do too :) Btw, hope your assessment went fine! I'm so glad I survived the horrible week of tests. Haha. Thanks for your encouragements on my blog! :) Btw, I study in Ngee Ann Poly. Haha. Good day! xx

    1. Hehe! Those are surely so different compared to the real thing >.< but yeah they're beautiful! Thank you! Oh icic! :3 Haha thank you!

  4. hehe, so good can drive car lol~

    1. I think it's a necessity nowadays? >< it's more convenient here though :3


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