Saturday, December 14, 2013

Manju-chan♥ and Seal-chan♥


♥Happy weekend♥

Some days ago I decided to be a bit spendthrift to myself (you know, girls' shopping lust has been hold for ages!) and I adopted two little sisters (or bros? Haven't decided known their gender yet though) from Strapyaworld.

So this is a post dedicated for them (or commonly known as haul post)!


Don't worry to everyone who read this and thinks I have no $ left--I used my savings moderately to spend on this!

Welcome to big Han family, little Manju-chan and little Seal-chan!

Is a little manju with red-bean paste filling. Try to search it on Google and you will find Juju-chan with her/his boyfriend/girlfriend? Haha no idea! But I adopted red-bean paste manju and so far, she behaves really nice♥

I haven't decided on her name (okay she is a female), yet. Urgh, what do you think?

So actually in one set, there are two buns.

The bao one is a bit yellow (I bet it has chicken filling or something similar and 福 is embroidered behind it) while the red bean manju has 寿 behind it.

I plan to put Juju-chan in my *quote* carriage *quote* so wherever I go she will always be by my side but I never notice that she has this 寿 word behind her head so I kinda feel that she protects my life on road (?) absurd thought hahaha.

/should have bought it on my birthday though

She's super soft and fuwa fuwa and so SMALL. A bit disappointed in this, I thought she would be a bit larger but then considering her price, I think it's forgivable!

It is a super sleepy face~

Selfie selfie~ Hi red bean manju I'm hungry *bite* hahah joudan desu!

Hello Kitty x Mojimoji Azarashizu
Is probably one of the most unique Hello Kitty collaboration I have ever seen! I have known so many HK collaborations but this one is totemo totemo adorable~

Credit: Jaimehellokitty.

It's an emoji faced seal, actually xD I like to use emoji but not that often in real life (because it's a pain in the butty if I always have to ctrl c and ctrl v those super expressive emojis) haha but I anyway have the app for it and I like it!

Honestly I think the label doodle is kinda creepy, you know? It's like the seal is trying to get out from Kitty's throat *suddenly choke* But the actual plush is really soft and nice! Still wonder Y IT IS SUPER SUPER SMALL so I can't actually squeeze it to sleep. Right? Haha.

One other sad thing is her colour is a bit off--or maybe it's the real colour but the pink is super plain is like almost gone >.<

Plan to put her in the top of dashboard so I'll take more pics when she's already there :3 she's so adorable and always tells good jokes! To have her as companion in my journeys would be nice.

I am super happy that my days will be more colourful with their accompany~ I already have a happy and colourful life everyday and both of them will add more shades into my life! Super loved and totemo totemo ureshii~♪

Just wait until my mama sees them and scolds me because I became so 败家 to buy two plushes at once xD usually I am super stingy and eat modestly.

Do you often go shopping for something 'uselesss'? ;)

/edit Fatsy is going overseas again for work so all the ganbattes are sent through the sky!

Lots of love♥


  1. oh my so cute!! haha perfect for CHinese new year some more

  2. they're so cute!! I would've buy something like that but I think I'm just gona stick with my Turtle. kekeke
    although weekend is almost over, hope you had a great time today and few more hours ahead.
    brace Monday with a positive attitude! Hwaiting!

    1. Hehehe~ Everyone will always have their favourite! <3
      Thank you~ Hwaiting!!

  3. OMG, they're cute :D yup, aku sering banget beli sesuatu yang "useless" cuma karena cute :p

  4. Hahaha. Those are really cute stuff! Especially the red bean manju! Omg. Haha. And the Hello Kitty too! And yeah, I always end up buying "useless" things that I only use or enjoy for a few days, and then after that they just end up being thrown to one side and forgotten. Haha, oops!

    1. Hahaha yeah they are super cute! Omg it's the same thing! I would some times pity them so I would stuff them on my bed so they will be 'less' useless :3 hehe

  5. They are super cute, and yes I too, buy often things other would think are useless, but to me they are not useless, otherwise I wouldn't buy them, would I? Anyway by first sight at your two little cuties two names popped into my head, if they were mine, I would name them Keema #1 and the little one Neenu. Don't ask me why, those 'names' just popped into my head as it happens often with those stuffed cuties.
    Oh BTW Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

    1. Haha yeah!! OMG thank you!! I'll definitely remember those names~ They are super super cute :"D Sometimes the suddenly popped name in our heads are the best right?
      Sure~ Thank you!

  6. Both these plushes are so cute! The Hello Kitty doodle on the label does look a bit creepy ^^'

    1. Do you agree? XD it looks creepy but the plush is totally cute :3

  7. Cute post :) Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?


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