Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When you turn your days into colours..

People's inner mind is an endless world.

I'm happy with the fact that there is no such thing as "Mind Reader" application or tool in this world, in this millenium--at least. (Who knows half a century later they will invent it?) No one invades your brain, no one reads what you are thinking at the moment, no one is actually know what are you thinking on that very moment.

People are gifted with mind to think--apart from fulfilling our staple needs. We're gifted with conscience and intelligence; and to be asked: Have we been using it well?

I'm a normal girl with lots of thoughts. Everyone who has met me face to face should know that I think a lot. I tend to be quiet at certain times because I have a lot of things running into my mind. I know, I just usually be like: "mind your business" but nah nah, I actually love to talk so~~~~don't worry about me being quiet with bored face!

It has been a habit of me, that I would always call a day with any colours exist. Well, I do that mostly in my mind (and some in my blog, if you notice it! :P) but I never really speak it out to people. Well, if you caught me saying certain colour to a day--you sibei heng! Congratsu~!

I know that doesn't sound common here, or maybe anywhere in this little old planet called Earth.

And you might now that I have several self-made terms that I've been using in this life. And you know, I really enjoy using those self-made terms! I'm currently influencing these terms to people I'm most closest with haha~

This colour days is one of those self-made terms that I make. Not to mention there are several other weird terms I invented and use.

Now the question is: How do you... err, do that? Painting your days with colours?

Doesn't that just sound nice! That question ah! *talking to self*

(Up to this point, please bear with something I came out with~ This is how my inner mind works all of the time! Bear with the uncommon-ness and eccentric-ness~)

I paint my days with colours. Yeah you read that right.
And of course, not literally. I do it in my head.

Usually, I have bare plans of what I am going to do on a day right after I woke up. I would usually change the plans regarding to any condition occurs on that day. Well, that doesn't matter.

For example: today.
I stayed at home whole day and was planning to do my laundry and continue my coding for my MTP.

So when I woke up, I would say this to myself: today is going to be a blue day at home! I will be doing housechores and working on my coding.

So I did my housechores today, I did my underwear laundry twice for a reason and I was okay for that. I'd say that it would be a pretty dark blue--a learning moment. Then when I had my dinner (which mama sent me over yesterday) I'd call that a light blue--a happy moment since I felt so happy to eat some foodies mama made for me!

I don't have a list of how a colour represents a mood. I'll just spontaneously say any colour which match my mood when I wake up and live the entire day to the fullest!

If you think "blue" represents unmood and sadness~ That is not in my list of colours! (*^_^*)

Nowadays, I'm an emotionally-fulfilled person which means I would always have something to be the reason of me being happy the entire day. Any colour would it be, use RGB, HEX colour, etc would be fine and I will tell myself that it is going to be a happy day!

Also, I'd usually match my painted day with the clothes' colour I'd like to wear on the day; like today, I'm wearing super blue! And I spent my day well~

I know, just last year when I had so much sadness and I cried a lot. I was falling into the deepest pit of arguments and sadness and once I knew it was just a waste of energy, and life (you know you GROW older so quick!) so I climbed up and had myself doing self-fulfilling prophecy.

Wait, what does that mean?

Well, in my interpretation that simply means to be happy by yourself. You should not find happiness out there, you will find nothing. Because it is buried deep inside your chest!

Your endless mind is the main source of happiness--no one else should be the reason of you being sad!

I have been applying this self-fulfilling prophecy for several months; a bit longer than a year and I feel great. The joy, the acceptance and the feeling makes my body very light and I no longer indiscriminate anyone.

Though so, I'm still far from getting the full enlightment of happiness. I still assume badly, you know that it KILLS. Never ever assume how people do because that should not be on anyone's to do list.

It simply means: negative thinking.

Side note: In my major--Information System--we learn lots and lots of assumptions and I never liked it. EVER. Making assumptions would be the last thing I would do in my system analysing classes.

If you don't understand, ASK. Simple right?

And I still contemplate over myself why don't I ask often.. /haiz
I still need to learn this! ^^//

I'm not a psychologist, not even near to be. But I learn lots and lots of life essential and I think it would be nice to write it here so I can read it again some time in the future.

To have more darker days, would that be nice?

When I enjoy my time, I'd usually paint the day with lighter colours and I feel a beautiful pastel painting is being made in my head! Hahah, but when I have a learning time (which usually because of my clumsiness, errors and some unexpected circumstances) I'd usually paint the day with darker shade.

So by the end of today, I'd have fifty shades of blue /lol /lame

And by the end of the life, I'll have colourful painting of my life. I will be enjoying the painting I've made in my whole life, inside my mind.

Which colour appears most often? That will be my favourite colours :3

Which colour appears less?

Will the painting be a light coloured painting, or there will be more dark shades?

It might be surreal, it might feel uncanny and hard to explain. It is just my direction to do more kindness and to contribute happiness to this world apart from religion.

That will be a brief explanation how I live my life. When I pop the question someday, years later: Do I live well; or will I regret: why don't I paint more colours into my life?

I hope I won't regret everything--because I have the choices to do good deeds now.

That is one "self-made term" thing I confess I do everyday during my life.

To sum everything up:
★ Painting days are self-hypnotise method to make me live my life more colourful.
★ To paint days is to set certain colours to a day based on mood and things I'm gonna do.
★ I have no list of which colour represents what--it's all life colours! And I'm living my life to the fullest.
★ I paint my days not literally inside my head, at the same, painting a picture of my life.
★ At the end of my life, I'll take a look at the picture I've been painting in my whole life.

This blog helps me painting my picture of life, bottom line :D

So, what colour will be your day tomorrow? (*´∀`*)

Hint: I posted several posts that I stated to be a coloured day in this blog; those posts are pink in colours! :)

Lots of love ♥


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