Saturday, November 2, 2013

Top ten pet peeves.

I picked this topic from blogpost idea generator (forgive me sobsob).

01. Weak shower stream.
One reason why I love to remove the shower head from BS' bathroom (SORRY!) because weak shower stream is very annoying. I never feel perfectly clean taking a shower under a weak shower stream. The pressure I have on my head from strong shower stream is suuuuper great!

02. Slow people.
If you can do it faster.... Why don't you? Argh.

03. Girls who take their time finding stuff on their bag in front of a long queue.
Admit it. Everyone meets this kind of person before. Notably girls.
She queues for ages and she is playing with her smartphone (probably some puzzle games Idk whatever--I don't play games much) and on her turn, she then switches off her smartphone and then looking for the required stuff and has made the PIC waits for her as well.
I swear rudely at her in my head.

04. People in charge (for charity or whatever).
I swear I have to turn my way so I don't meet them. I know they're chasing target or how but the way they are tailing me is scary. They're usually seen in malls bringing papers and pens and forcing me to fill in whatever it is Idk. They speak very fast too.

05. Speaking very loudly and repeating it.
I take bus a lot of times in my life (especially here nowadays) and people chattering and laughing inside a bus is perfectly fine for me. I hate it when someone notably want everyone to hear them so they speak VERY loudly and they repeat it several times. What's your point man? Want us to answer to your (mostly stupid) statement? Hell no.

06. Stupidos riding motuo.
Motorcycles are made for man. Period.
I rode motuo years ago and I was on several accidents back then so I stopped haha. When I was home, I drove car to almost anywhere and each time I went out--I have always sworn, because those very very extremely stupid girls driving motuo.
Not all of them la, but most of them are like that. They drive motuo VERY slowly in the middle of the road, they always switch the WRONG turn signal ON for God's sake! When you turn left, don't switch the right turn signal geez how if I kill you. I often speeds.
Most guys are driving motuo appropriately though.

07. Mistyped advertisement / books / leaflet / anything.
I'm a freak in mistyping and grammars so seeing these things irritates me. The internet slang is grammar nazi. I sometimes find some extremely stupid and funny typos and I laugh heartily at it--they're simply hilarious!

08. Being stuffed.
In an elevator, in a mall or pasar, anywhere. I hate crowded places at first and being stuffed worsens it. I usually don't breathe when I was stuffed and I avoid skinship. I hate getting skinship with random people SO MUCH haha.

09. Those love monthsary statuses / tweets / blogposts.
Loads of crap. What's so special about relationship monthsary or anything about it? Come on, staying together for a month or many months or whatever and celebrating it by buying cakes, elegant dinner dates etc? I am sure the guy will be broke in few months. I don't want that either. Annual celebration is better.

10. Overdo blog templates.
I love colourful, bling bling blog templates but overdoing it? Sorry *hit X button* I prefer interesting posts than interesting templates.

Typing these are not easy because it's personal but I list everything that I feel recently! Heehee.

What's your pet peeves?

Lots of love


  1. Hahaha, I can identify myself with you! Hate it when people in front of you are walking in a kind of slow motion when I'm in a hurry. That's soooo argh!!
    Very nice blog btw. :)

    ♥ Maho

    1. Heehee me too! Urgh just be 'more' patient ;)

  2. wow if I were to think of pet peeves I'll probably take some time to think of them XD
    ah I dislike it when girls stop halfway in a queue or path! It gets irritating sometimes ;u; eeep I hope my blog is not too overdone to you ;u;

    1. Heehee it took me a while too to write this hehe.
      Yup~ Just be more patient in my case XD I avoid fight~
      Np you're good :3

  3. I feel like I offend you in numbers 2, 3, and 10. I'm so sorry if I have ever offended you in any ways, or in the future. Especially number 2 x___x and number 10 too "orz


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