Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pie Susu a.k.a Skinny Eggtarts love!

My mama is currently making lots and lots of cookies and bread. Then I said to her I can become her taster so she really sent me lots of cookies and bread. Last month when she came to Jakarta, she brought me Nastar (pineapple cookies) and I ate it with my friends. I really love it!

Then this afternoon ah, she sent me some skinny Eggtarts called Pie Susu. I have never eaten any of this before even when I went to Bali years ago, I didn't touch a single bite of this. But then today she sent me 20 pieces of Pie Susu and it tastes really nice!

It resembles Eggtarts, the filling and the skin but it's so thin so it only takes me few seconds to eat the whole thing :3

If you have no idea how does it taste, it is very similar with Eggtarts you can buy at bakery or at Dimsum restaurant. It's just taste light here and it's very thin (and I call it Skinny Eggtart). The crust is tart so it's sweet!

By the way:
I officially end my mid exam today! 

Nothing special really! I don't know why it feels superly fast done. I don't even feel that last week and this week are my mid exam week. I am too concerned with my MTP huhuh :(

Sums the three exams I had for this semester: Web programming, CB and IS Strategic Planning

See the barely made notes for this mid exam... Compared with my mid exam notes last semester or last year which are neatly done, I have totally no mood in this semester's mid exam.

So my team sets our MTP deadline which is next week (though we still have one week for final revision and such) but I'll feel much better if I am able to finish it by next week. I really want to quit my Adobe Dreamwaver application SO MUCH which I've been opening since October (and haven't literally closed it up to today XD).

I'm going to sleep early tonight and wake up early tomorrow to continue my MTP at home~ My friends are currently busy with their works at uni so I guess I'll be continuing it at home, I can't promise I will do much though~ I tend to work faster if I have friends to discuss with :"|

Fatty fatty ranger meow is working overseas at the moment and I was trying to stay awake in order to say bye bye in the dawn yesterday T.T I was studying HTML at that time and nechatta ugh T.T take care and I miss you already!!

Have a nice week~ And for Binusians who still have exams, jiayou!

Lots of love ♥


  1. I really would like to try this Pie Susu.. I need to find some recipe... cuz I love egg tarts.. I could eat it like all the time lol~~ so since they are similiar i would love them too ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
    btw you have such a nice handwriting..really:)

    1. The recipe would be the same with Eggtarts!! You should try baking some~ I'd love to see it! They are very delicious yeah!!
      And thank you :D


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