Sunday, December 1, 2013

Minor Project Thesis : week 08 and 09.

Reaching the last few weeks of MTP!

Though the final submission of system design and analysis with the program will be on December 17th, but my teammates have decided that we would finish it to almost 100% before December 03rd. I agree that way because we still have some other small projects and company duties debate to take care of so if this MTP finishes asap it would be nice.

A very very unfortunate last few days before December 03rd is that I catch cold and flu.

Among all of this years months and days flu and cold why choose to come NOW??


It is actually not that bad, only slight nasal voice and achoo and cough. But what I really hate is the headache. I write several times that I'm prone with bad headaches right? Okay these are killing me.

I have been sneezing a lot since Thursday afternoon to evening but I thought many people were just gossiping about me (seriously! lol) and I put my aircon super cold, thinking to have a dreamy cold night to sleep. But the next day I sneezed a lot and though the cold hasn't come yet, I still didn't think I would really catch flu.

I almost finish one ream of tissue paper also! OMG!

At this very important time!! Last week of doing minor argh :<

I managed to make one more module last night but I can't stay up late anymore. The thought of me going to stay up late on last few days before Tuesday are all poof! Gone!

I can't stay up late at all due to these headaches andddd runny nose and achoo. Super mega painful.

It has been a while since I caught flu (probably months or maybe years) and why choose now virus lol I'm laughing inside.

So, my MTP project progress is:

★ [98%] UI for website. (revision left)
★ [100%] Database. (can say it's done)
★ [90%] PHP and controller code. (only few small modules left)
★ [100%] system analysis and diagrams.
★ [95%] whole project.

Hontou ni yokatta~ T^T

You know, I got to prepare stuff for presentation because : I have this feeling of me will be chosen to do the presentation. I don't know, something tells me that I will just be selected and I need to present the system with flawless english without accent.

Because not everyone will present the system (I heard so) and Idk why some ghost voice telling me that I will be chosen to present.

*crossing fingers*

Not sure what to do, but hey anyway I think I need to practice myself to present the system flawlessly in front of lecturer.

Actually, I am not sure what to do also on January (the trial day) what to say, what not to say, what to present, what should I actually hide, etc etc because I never know this kind of thing before so I'll probably ask my friends who have experiences about it.

I will do my best!

Just good tomorrow is Sunday so I'm so gonna wake up late and start to do the last few inspections of the system. It is almost done now (I barely can imagine last few days I thought I was not going to finish this ah woohoo!) and it's all thanks to my friends~! They do a lot of things you can barely imagine. I believe I contribute less than everyone ;__; I should really help more in last few inspections of the system analysis and design before it's submitted!

By the way,

Weather is like very very terrible ah lately. It's VERY HOT today which I can't understand. Have been cold and raining yesterday but extremely hot today? No wonder the flu decided to attack my immune system :C I don't have vitamins on me anymore so I completely rely on regular meal and enough sleep to sustain my health.

I also be SUPER captious and text my family : "EAT VITAMIN AND TAKE CARE AND DON'T FALL SICK!" like few times every day but I now caught the flu by myself ahaha funny funny (sarcasm).

Oh yeah, that time I had funny conversation with my sister.

So we were talking bout an Indonesian celebrity called Asmirandah and she is in a relationship with a guy named Jonas if I'm not mistaken? Idk. I don't understand bout celebrity news at all.

So my sister said this:

"Eh tau gak sih Asmirandah mau nikah sm Jonas loh."
Me: "Huh? Jonas brother?" (sorry ah I was not joking I really don't know)
Her: "Omg *insert laugh here* ngawor!"
Me: "Apa????" (I couldn't hear her)
Her: "Aduuuuh mboh lah!"
Me: "Wooo toooh sombong we!"
Her: "Hahahaha. Eh eh. Udah lama gag kedengeran gag sih Jonas?"
Me: "Ya iyalahh berarti pernikahannya lancar toh ya!"
Her: "Heh sek sek sek kapan Jonas Brother nikah??"
Me: "Lho kamu ngomongin sapa sih? Katane Jonas?"
Her: "Jonas Brotherrrr!"
Me: "Lah terus yg menikah tu?"
Her: "Itu Jonas!"
Me: *laugh laugh until no voice and achoo* "Yawes lah sama aja gitu."
Her: *facepalm*

I know is actually lame. XD

Will translate this when I'm healthier :") Going sleep soon~

Sharing you an old video of my first old crush I had on! :P

Lots of love ♥


  1. Awww. Rest well and recover soon! Drink lots of water. It's most probably the weather that's causing your immune system to get weaker. The weather is just crazy these past few days. Anyways get well soon!


  2. Good luck for the rest of the MTP XD
    Get well soon juan2, better to drink vitamin regularly because the weather unpredictable nowdays..

    1. Thank you Novie! Good luck to you toooo~~~~!
      Yeah sure! Thanks :3 tctc too!


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