Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The birthday girl confession♥

My just woke up face with weird letters on my birthday cake! ^^

I mutter this thousand times : How come time flies and I don't realize it?

I don't understand how can myself waste those years I can never get back.

This turning age I realized that I have changed how my mind speak compared to how my mind spoke years ago. I, that used to be okay to mention about my age now thinks that age is a sensitive issue.

I feel so so so so older.

I cannot afford that more. And from this another starting point I'll run with smile and love, not worrying about that and do better things in the future.

To be a twenty-year old girl was awesome--I actually has passed the transition age and now maturing myself, but deep down I'm still that spoiled little girl. I have broader sight of life and so many other things that are different from when I still had suffix -teens in my age.

But there's no turning back.

What I can do now is to realize my words to be better in the future, be kind, help others, love everyone and do my best in study and works. ^^

I had my birthday dinner last Saturday. My parents came here for things to settle with Uncle Sea but I guessed they actually were lonely at house and wanted to have good dinner with me! :3

We had the super dinner at Ce Wei Kelapa Gading--the food was good! It's been ages since I had pork so we ordered pork knuckles and it was super good. Crispy outside, salty, tender inside, with sweet and spicy sauce. (I tolerate my dislikeness to spicy things at that day haaaa bcs it was too good~ Umaiiii~).

Bought two mini cakes too at Clairmont Patisserie Kelapa Gading (Uncle Sea bought me the cakes! Happy~) and those cakes are one of the best cakes I had in my life! I ordered Tiramisu and Mango Cheesecake, it's not to sweet, not too milky and the best: I had it fresh from the oven!

You should head to their store and get a few bites~ With reasonable price and premium taste these cakes are swee!

Thank you for everyone who wished me my twenty first birthday and I appreciated all the wishes and prayings--I love all of you

Lots of love


  1. Happy B-day! :3 Wish you all the best! <3

  2. waaah! happy birthday miao miao! haha, i try to find you in facebook but fail ==''!
    what's your username?
    the food makes me drool neh
    by the way, i like your photo, what camera are you using?

    1. Thankyou ^^
      Eheh I added you instead ya..
      I'm using Casio TR digicam :3 bought it last year heehee.


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