Sunday, October 13, 2013

Minor Project Thesis : week 03.

At lounge (8th floor).

At BS.

Meet our team's hardworking Analysts♥ (shit my laptop real activity is shown here omg is revealed that I didn't work on my job)

And the nerdy Programmers♥ *I then acted super serious *I bluff

And the desperate programmers took some chio selcasu.

And we would always say : never forget to take picture♥

We are hitting our third week of doing MTP♥

And seriously, mostly we're just laughing, eating chips and taking photos, and eating again and again.

Okay this week we have arrived in coding the application, slowly. I have actually no idea about C.I (Code Igniter) which is recommended to be used on this MTP.

I only did HTML and CSS today for the base of 16 .php files and I am very satisfied with that.

I should not be satisfied at all.

I progressed very little--but it can't be helped.
I am kinda blur how should I design this properly, would look professional and simple at same time.

I have never been designing anything for real project.
I have always been designing for myself, for fun.

Today we had very earry swimming at BS and it was very cold. I dislike coldness so it killed XD but the weather was pretty cloudy the whole day today so it was actually rather comfy.

We then did our MTP until around evening and we decided to continue tomorrow--I don't think I'd be able to do it whole day and night like our seniors said how they did theirs.
:| no I'm not torturing myself like that.

I am hopping to my bed very soon too because tomorrow we're going to continue this again and hopefully it will be progressing very well.

This is just the beginning but I have experienced very tired symptoms (including a very sore back and a very heavy eyes and a growling gastric (lol?) ).

Dajia wan an! Hitting our fourth week of the fifth semester tomorrow.

Idk why I got few mins to post this too I should have hopped to my bed minutes ago.

Lots of love♥


  1. Juan2, waa you really diligent to update about your minor project every week :p
    Continue it :) Look like your group already did a lot :p
    Hwaitiiing XD

    1. Wkwkwkw because I'm still niat in writing these posts :3
      We often have group meetings but to be frank I haven't progressed much~
      You too~ Minor hwaitingg XP


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