Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Minor Project Thesis : week 01.

As you might have known, I am now a third-year uni student.

;__; time flies too fast doesn't it?

So, all IS students at Binus are obligated to pass a project called Minor Project Thesis (I'll write it as MPT from now on here). So me no different, I'm having my MPT this semester as well.

In exchange of that, I only have four other classes which is yay!

I didn't participate in any activities this semester like my friends do. They join clubs and teach juniors which I hear is very very exhausting. But!! Experiences are priceless so they are very lucky to be able to do all of those :D I even am surprised by myself that I didn't really join anything this semester except if I'm still counted as the activist at Himsisfo (Binus IS student council) ahaha :3

On our first week of semester 5 (and first week of working in our MPT), we have roughly done the chapter one of the detailed introduction about what are we going to make.
I'm not going into details since it's a pure-brain ideas from us and I want to submit it on our trials purely so no documentations of what my MPT contents are :3

But believe me, we happened to choose a complicated topic about Human Resource Management, Information System which is very customize-able and very dynamic. We're progressing well though up to today and hopefully our spirit will last until the trial day!

It will be on January 2014! *crossing-fingers.

I wanna make a series of post about how I and my teammates struggle in this MPT and hopefully it can be something *nostalgic* to read in the future. Also it can be my spirit to keep working my MPT hard.


Lots of love

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