Wednesday, October 23, 2013




This should be my 3rd or 4th vlog XDc

Miki is back!!!!

And there will be more posts about her in the future I'm cho happy~

I'm so happy to know that they found Miki! Miracle happens. 3 weeks after she lost then she returned home.

So that gut told me that "we will find her somehow someday" was true. We found her exactly 3 weeks after we lost her.

I'm so happy my sister comes home! She's on a clinic for examination though now.

P.S My left fingers were burnt by a toaster on Monday morning, I almost cried when that happened because it was damn painful!! It's okay now though still feel some heatness if I touch anything.

One reason why I vlogged about Miki this time--another chance to record my stupidness here ;)

See you!!

Lots of love


  1. ouch! that must have hurt so bad! did you put toothpaste on your burnt? haha i don't know why but it somehow helps.
    erm, i'm not even in UNI yet! still in high school
    haha, do you have facebook? it be great if we're friends on facebook!

    1. Yeah I had that toothpaste~ >w<
      Yup!! I have it~ Added you ;)

  2. That's some good news! Have a good day :)


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