Friday, October 18, 2013

Holiday cooking time★

This holiday post is super late

Super old selca taken when I was waiting for the car service.

I was intending to write a lot of cooking recipes post because I did cook few cuisines on my last 3 months semester break. It turns out that I completely forgot about it or whatsoeverrrr I don't even know.

So since it's Friday night, I'm kinda free and starving so I'm writing about this first before finding my dinner outside!

This will be a very self-made recipes so professional questions is, unexpected. XD

01. Shanghai fried chicken in sweet-sour sauce
02. Fried noodle
I ate dindin and watched CCS! No wonder I gained so many kgs. Kids don't do this at home.

Actually the Shanghai chicken is called Koloke on Jogja (or Kuluyuk in Jakarta) but one customer from Shanghai said how can papa cooked Shanghai chicken nicely here? So since then papa changed the Koloke name to Shanghai chicken. :3 heheh.

I am lucky to be able to try his recipe. It was so good.

The fried noodle is a normal fried noodle but I'm loving it so badly!

03. Tomato cooked fussili

A very simple recipe ‧⁺٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

All I did was put everything on the wok and stir stir stir.

No lah, the beginning was tricky. I ended up cooked the onions too long so they're as soft as buni buni and no crunchy feelings when I bit it.

04. Mixed vegetables

Me and mama cooked this.

I love carrots so badly so she chopped so much carrots. To be seen above is: scrambled eggs, carrots, onion springs, garlic.

05. Fried noodle with cloudy egg

Same fried noodle as number 2 and same Shanghai chicken as number 1.

The cloudy egg was very very difficult to make.

It's a half-done egg, stir a boiled water with little bit of vinegar and salt, drop the egg fast and stir stir stir until the outside part is done but the inside part is still soft and yolky.

Ugh, it's super yolky. But it tasted good. But it's so yolky. Haha XD

06. Pork curry

First try of Japanese curry! Still not satisfied with this.

It's mild (no spicy at all) and the colour is too light and the chopped ingredients are the way too big.

Recipe : here.

07. Mushroom broccoli

[picture 404 not found D:]

I took the picture with someone else's digicam sobs I forgot whose.

I love this combination! I love mushroom and I love broccoli so I had fun while cooking them and I ate entire plate. :B

The end

Eh, I should write it : to be continued...

I realize I didn't cook often back then (which I should have!) and the urge of cooking is very bad now. Maybe I'm so hungry now hehehehe 💖

I should cook more vegetables. I ate too much carbs no wonder 8 kgs buni buni are attached in my tummy.

Logging off to find something to eat!
Hope to find no carbs and more greenies~

Lots of love


  1. I would definitely would like to try the fried chicken with sweet n sour sauce and the tomato cooked fussili. YUMMY LOOKING!
    well done to you for being able to cook them. *thumbs up*
    i would've burn everything on the first try.

    1. A little bit patient and help are always needed heehee!
      Come and I will cook everything for you ^^~


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