Monday, October 14, 2013

Do you converse Japanese?

やあみんな (*・ω・)ノ

You should have known from my blog that I love Japan and the branches, including the language.

I have been knowing Japanese since 12 (I guess) by watching animes.
I finished my 167 Inuyasha episodes by age 14 or 15 and had remembered all hiraganas by watching anime only.

As I grow, I have been watching thousands minutes of anime and I won't stop even if I'm getting old (you can say watashi anime o daisuki heehee).

I actually had my Japanese classes at HS grade 11th and 12th and those were very basic classes. I learned the very grammar-ish Japanese and it's hard.

It's different from what I learned by watching animes.

So that time I stumbled upon Periplus and saw this book:

by Todd and Erika Geers

I believe it has been more than 5 years ago since I bought this.

Unlike those "Learn Japanese in a Day!" books, this book only contains some dialogues and conversation sentences that we would use everyday.

Okai, I admit this book contains more conversations about acquaintances, friends and lovers but they surely help!

What makes me happiest the most is:
I actually had heard most of the sentences in this book on animes that I have watched!

It's totally unlike those "elementary school" Japanese book but it's more like daily informal conversations.
Totally what I need to sound Japanese informally  (ノ´∀`)ノ

If you watch anime often, you would be very familiar with those words above!

Ran Mouri : 「コナンくん、新一を見ていますか。」 Conan-kun, Shinichi o mite imasu ka.
 (Conan, did you see Shinichi walk here?)
Conan Edogawa :  「見えないよ。」 Mienai yo. (I didn't see)
Ran Mouri : 「本当に?」 Hontou ni? (Really?)
Conan Edogawa : 「本当だよ!」 Hontou dayo! (You better believe it!)

Those conversations above are slightly like lovers conversations.
I'd like to use it sometimes ahahaha :3 though I'm sure the guy won't understand me at all!

These are adult conversations. Underage readers better scroll down!

So funny that they actually wrote this chapter!
I'll definitely use these words in the future *laugh laugh*

Here's an okay subtle example of comparison between formal Japanese and informal Japanese.

01. It is wrong.
(F) 「それが間違ってです。」 Sore ga machigatte desu.
(I) 「違うよ。」 Chigau yo.

02. Have you eaten?
(F) 「あなたは食べていますか。」 Anata wa tabete imasu ka.
(I) 「食べますか。」 Tabemasu ka.

03. Where are you?
(F) 「あなたはどこにいる?」 Anata wa doko ni iru?
(I) 「どこにいるの?どこ?/どこ?」 Doko ni iru no? / Doko?

04. How is it?
(F) 「どうですか。」 Dou desu ka.
(I) 「どうやって?」 Douyatte?

05. Are you stupid?
(F) 「愚かなどうですか。」 Orokana dou desu ka.
(I) 「バカじゃないの?」 Baka janai no?

06. Boy, who are you?
(F) 「男の子、あなたは誰ですか。」 Otokonoko, anata wa dare desu ka.
(I) 「坊や、だれ?」 Bo-ya, dare?

Note : 
I was taught that the particle 'ka' is replacing question mark (?) so when you have 'ka' in any of your Japanese sentences, don't add this '?' behind it.

Informal sentences sounds ruder but at the same time it feels so fun (/*^^)/

I wish to be able to go to Japan and experience everything there!
To be able to enjoy everything, or probably some work experience there wouldn't it be awesome?

Maybe I will have the chance to meet Mai Kuraki oneesan


Lots of love


  1. well, i like to listen Japanese language especially those in Anime~ but i don't speak japanese~ >.<

    1. I like to listen to Japanese too~ ^^ Idk why.


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