Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Childhood memories (Final Fantasy)★

I believe it has been around 15 years since then.

At that time, I lived with my simpek (elder uncle from dad side) family and kuku (elder aunty from dad side) family. My family lived in the third floor, aunty lived in the second floor and uncle lived beside us.

So we would always have noisy house everyday which was sorta nostalgic hehe :")

I had the cheap sega game to play with mama everyday. She owned that sega and loved to play Quackshot! I love it too but I was never able to finish it.

*sobsob I wanna play it again!*

[edit] just know that papa is the one bought this Quackshot catridge! OMG! I never know he was a gamer back then too~! He recalled the Quackshot game and we talked over it for hours and he even passed further stage compared to me! Woot~! [/edit]

But then my brother cousin bought a PS downstairs and always had me downstairs to play Final Fantasy 7 with him. I was still very little (around 6 or 7 I guess?) so I barely remember everything about it.

Yeah, that Final Fantasy.


All of my brother and sister cousins are 80 liners so they are very familiar with FF. I'm the only 90 liner was still too little to understand FF yet it still had memories in me.

Gorgor liked this character called "Cloud" (forget the full name) and all I could remember about FF7 up to this second was only Cloud.

I didn't have any definition of handsome guy so when gorgor said that Cloud is handsome, then I just agreed that had pinned down a new definition in my head.

Handsome is Cloud. lol XD

I think for a few years then I watched my gorgor played FF until few years later, FF10 was the last game we played FF together.

I didn't really played everything on FF until finish because my brain is still that 7 year old brain and couldn't comprehend everything well. But I played Chocobo Racing together with all my gorgor and dajie and it was very fun and nostalgic.

I remembered how I wanted to finish my Chocobo Racing and listen to the ending song I loved so much!

The reason I wrote about this today:
I was opening Youtube in hope to find anything concerning about PHP tutorial but the sidebar suggestion has always distracting me with anything unrelated.

So I arrived from PHP tutorial to Chocobo Racing OST : Diamonds in My Heart.

'Wah natsukashii!' so I decided to listen to this very Chocobo Racing OST.
And I got emotional ;__;

Bloody song omg why it's so easy for me to get emotional lately?

I am reminded with my childhood by this song. I start to remember my childhood when I spent whole days with my cousins playing FF and this, and everything else at that time.

I am reminded with how cool FF at that time (around 1998 I guess?) and I was only 6 and I was still innocent and I knew nothing yet and everything seemed so happy and beautiful.

How come time flew so fast? How come?

Remembering childhood triggers that warm feeling in my chest and the ninja cutting onion passed in my room and I kinda wanna go home and play FF again with gorgor and other cousins.

But all my cousins got married already.

And we have moved houses so many times so all the PS, nintendo and sega were all gone.

Everything was so beautiful.

Can I play FF again?
I know it's almost impossible now especially for the before 2000 FF editions (FF9 and below).

Cloud Strife.

Squall Leonhart.

I would never forget Yuna and Tidus since back then I saw their poster on gorgor bedroom everyday.

I feel like recently I write more often... Probably because I'm in my room whole day today, staring at my PHP files, get bored and somehow stumbled upon FF memories hehehe.

How I wish I can go to my past and experience everything again.

Has any of you played Final Fantasy back then?
Which FF is your favorite?

Lots of love


  1. this song is really beautiful, so peaceful:)
    Remembrance past things is really nice feeling but also kinda sad... So bad there's no time machine so for a while we could go back to these times:)

    1. Yes :) beautiful song!
      Nope there isn't and I'm honestly glad there isn't time machine. I wanna live forward to the fullest!


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