Saturday, September 14, 2013

The inherited traits.

I sometimes think that I don't inherit my parents' humour sense as they are very cheerful and happy (including the big family) and I'm that gloomy girl. But then I realized that we did exactly the same things stupidly.

About three years ago, me and my sister went to Malioboro along with her friends. So there was something like pasar malam or whatever and it was around February.

So we wanted to buy ice durian there for 10k each.

It's not that I don't like durian.

I, erm NEVER eat durian before woot woot! *dark confession sobs

I think I'd love durian the time I eat it for the first time because I love sticky soft foods, but I'm too scared to eat durian Idk why and up to today I haven't even tried a milimetre cubic of durian piece.

So, that time on ice durian stall, five of us ordered five cups of ice durian.

But since I was too scared to eat durian (I know I'm so bad in eating ok but I never know why these fat tummy stays here) so I asked the abang-abang there:

"Hey, can I have ice durian without durian?"

I meant to have the durian flavors but not the meaty thingie whatever it's called.

So the abang-abang laughed with his friend and my sister shouted at me :

"How can you order an ice durian without durian!? So embarrassing!! Pretend we don't know each other!!"

Wtf sis -__-;

I ended up shared a cup of ice durian with ma sister. Tmd that her friends laughed at me boo!

Who knows that my parents ever did same thing as I did??

Years ago, papa wanted to buy a chicken noodle (with certain name, either I forget or I don't remember) but he didn't want it to be spicy so he intended to order it and said to the chef to make it not spicy but guess what he said?

"One chicken noodle, without noodle."

I was sure I laughed heartily when I knew how he ordered the noodle! The ice durian thingy is about the same isn't it? I know he might be confused at that time for certain reasons but it reminded me of the time me ordered that ice durian ahaha XD

Mama happened to do the same thing, she wanted to order a meatball soup which consists of beef meatball, pork meatball, the pangsit and also the beehoon.

But that time she ordered : "meatball soup without the meatball... eh? -__-" she was surely confused.

I laughed at her because I imagined how the chef's reaction when he heard about it.

But it happened to me as well. I don't like beef meatball (the greyish one) so whenever I order meatball soup I never want the beef meatball, I always ask them to exchange the beef meatball with the pork meatball (three beef meatballs is exchanged to one pork meatball damn cheapskate).

Who knows the three of us can be like very dumb in ordering some foods. Though in a different situation and reasons but when we recalled these things last night, it was very funny XD

Oh I'm currently having a very swollen gum so I'm not in a good mood. Had a light fever yesterday too aiyo --; I never experience toothache for my entire life (don't count the time when I had my braces) but the swollen gum seriously kills. I might go to dentist soon.

Lots of love


  1. You had a pretty interesting family ^^

  2. My friend is even more funnier. Since she's not really fond of fruits, she decided to order banana split... But without the banana. xD

    When I asked her why, she said: "It's more convenient to have banana split because we can have all of these 3 flavors rather than ordering 3 scoops of ice cream." :DDD

    1. Hahahaha :"DDDD your friend is really funny! It's kinda similar XD


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