Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sunset haiku.


soaring ravens gaze
far through the gold horizon
sweeping wet wind breezes

I received a call from police office on September 11th.

I have to take care of some things regarding of me driving without license all of this time and probably a trial?  

Guess what, I'm excited about it. I know I'm a weirdo -__-
Now that I think more about the worst possibilities I'm scared ttm! *sob

Is it possible whether they would bring me to a court and jail me?
An innocent girl like me?? *puppy eyes

My minor project training clashes with my trial call so I don't think I will go to the training which I really want to! Omg :(

I know I'm such an inconsiderate teammate by leaving my responsibility to attend the training and I really hope all my teammates can cover it. T^T
I have been thinking to return to Jakarta around this week but two days ago I received the call so it can't be helped.

I'll probably return to Jakarta on my last week of semester break..
Gosh everything seems so packed now and I feel so rushed it makes me headache so badly.

Oh, btw last time I happened to witness a very beautiful sunset when I drove back home.
I saw a very beautiful thing took place.

Golden sun sets
Sedge of crane flies
Silhouette of pine wood sways
Raven soars

It inspired me to make a Haiku haha!

Hopefully everything will be done well before I return to BS~~~~Fighting!!

Lots of love


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