Monday, September 23, 2013

Quality time two♥

Hmm. Where should I start?

TOO many things happened on the last few days before class reopens (it's today!). I couldn't catch any of memories how come those semester break days pass so fast and it's weird this time. Some are happy memories, I also have a terrible memory on holiday (detail will be on my next post).

I believe last year I miss classes like very much, had been wanting to return to Jakarta like asap but on this semester break I didn't even miss anything concerning classes. I made use of my every single day of semester day to the fullest (*^v`*)

I finally returned to BS on late Sunday afternoon. Had a few nights stayed in Uncle Sea house with parents and we had pretty quality time together

Late night drive after restaurant closingWent McDonald for some Ice Float.

Helped papa to wash the car. My first time going to car wash machine it was so fun, just like a theme park ride :3

Never went for any haircut for my holiday woot.

Happy mooncake day! (not that happy for me, detail on next post).

Sapo Oriental at MKG is like very very good~~~~♥

Yours truly and le Mommy.

I admit I wanna look chio and have big eyes on my selcas but when it comes to normal potrait, my slanted eyes are very obvious isit? lol.

Starting to live by myself again has that undescribeable hole in my chest. I miss those chattering and laughing sound which I heard everytime at house and the comfort is much more different. I know I am being sentiment and emotional but things that happened lately have a big effect on me.

I'm losing my dearest sister Miki.

If you don't know before, she's a sister (read: dog) of me which I adopted around two years ago. (Dig on to my February 2011's posts to read it maybe?). Details will be on the next post (I'm gonna drowning in tears if I have to write about it now) and I know it's almost impossible but I really hope she will come home. My mama is like crying everyday because she's gone so I feel very sad for her.

One big thing,

I gain weight.

I apologise to everyone which I have bragged to lose weight during my semester break (including my parents and fatty ranger meow). The fact is I gain SO MUCH until I can't believe that I hit that number which I really, really...
*groan hardly 
*sobbing hardly

I measured several times, and first few times I gained about 8 KG, and today I measured I gained 5 KG (don't know which one is the correct one ahaha) but seriously, am I crazy!?

*lie down and cry

I cannot gain more! Everyday I'm gonna swear if I don't lose any pound in a week (-__-).

On the good side,

this semester I have 4 classes ONLY! (plus IS minor project).

I might have less time at uni and more time at bs (averagely) but I am 100% sure I will spend most of my time on my IS minor project which means this semester will be a hardworking semester!

I can't even imagine how will I start my minor project... Deadline in about 8 weeks I hope to be able to settle everything ya!

I have no reason not to exercise anymore, I have much lesser class than last year! There is no way my graduation photo will be a fatty pig in graduation cloak *switch into positive mind*!

Today is the first day of semester five!

I can't believe I got Titan gor for Applied ERP 1 class!! He's one of the best lecturer ever~ Since today he introduced us about SAP (which will be our main core job in the future) I know it has been insane.

SAP is hard man.

Maybe it's my first impression but I want to learn so badly! Titan gor introduced us about the basic concept of ERP, and had live demo to use SAP R/3 I hope to do my best on this class! It's a one-to-all subject where my score will ONLY be determined in one final test.

I'm so glad I have him as my lecturer :3

Tomorrow I'm gonna have my IS minor project discussion with Titan gor again HAHA! I believe me and my team can do the project well (and I wish to!) with his help and hopefully we will pass the IS minor project trial in 8 weeks.

Wish me luck on this semester!

I'm starting to have Kansai accent in how my mind speaks as I watch more and more of Detective Conan ya!! (really love it nowadays hehe)

Lots of love

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