Monday, September 30, 2013

Life with spectacles★

I have lived for 6 years with megane (spectacles).

But I am not the type that will wear my specs all of the time. I have this *bad genes* where I am so easily get headaches and migraines anytime with many causes. When I wear specs for long (more than 5 hours) then I will get headaches and or migraines for the whole day until I go to sleep. Irritating, isn't it?

Though I need specs so badly in real life, I never really wear it unless I'm inside classroom or at the cinema, and also when I drive. I cannot bear the headache I will get whenever I wear specs too long. Idk what should I do -__-

So I got my contact lenses earlier this year. I never feel any headaches and migraines upon wearing it for whole day which is VERY GREAT. But the discomfortness (though it's very comfortable, but it is still concerning me because I have something stuck to my eyeballs and that thought is kinda creepy ya know?) disturbs me so I have decided to throw away my contact lenses forever and switch to specs.

My parents are like disapprove me wearing contact lenses as well so it's set.

Up to the latest specs I bought few weeks ago, I have total 5 pairs of specs for the whole 6 years. The first and the second has gone (Idk where are those pairs -__-) but I'm still keeping the third, fourth and the fifth here now and was thinking to make a blogpost dedicated for them :3

So the third specs that I bought:

03. The big-framed specs.

Sph : Right -075, Left -075
Cyl : Right 0, Left 0

The return of kitty megane sutando! Superly loved~ (*´∀`*)

I bought this specs about two years ago (I should have the blogpost somewhere in July 2011) at Taman Anggrek and it's obviously my first most comfortable specs ever! The wide glasses are so comfortable for me to roll my eyes in 360 degrees without rearranging them.

It's so pricey probably because of the wide frames and the first class lens.

04. The frameless specs.

Sph : Right -100, Left -100
Cyl : Right 0, Left 0

Bought it super cheaply at Solo, and because it is cheap, the quality it brings is also so so. I have always wanted to have frameless specs for several formal occasion but this frameless specs is like terrible. I always see half-normal half-blur side on each eye which makes me almost fall for the uneven sight. Maybe I got used to the big frames so I have wider sight.

Wearing this specs makes me headache in the first hour and I'm keeping this at home for emergency. I definitely can't wear this outside.

05. The optic illusion specs

Sph : Right -175, Left -150
Cyl : Right 0, Left 0

My latest megane! I'm so in loved with this.

There is a high difference between this specs and the third specs. The power difference is quite big as I have my sight tested few weeks ago, I have developed worse sight like noooo :C I was told it is because I didn't wear my specs regularly but ahh who can tahan wearing something that makes you headache everytime?

So I'm just accepting the fact and increase my prescription specs.

This specs is almost as expensive as the third one. But it's clearly looks more fragile as it has smaller frame and the lens looks pretty strong (if you don't wear specs, you will understand this? :D) so I treasure this a lot.

But there is something special within this specs.

It doesn't make me headache at all!

At least for my experience driving from afternoon to night; I'm still in perfect condition yay! So I'm so happy for having this specs that it suits me very well ah! ^_^

Secondly, why do I name this specs optic illusion specs?

Mite kudasai, the frame should be like plain black right? Look clearly:

I don't really understand how is it but at different angles and certain light, it suddenly has the shades of electric blue which is so pretty!!

I'm not a fan of blue but this blue illusion specs stole my heart so I bought this right away (ノ´∀`)ノ

;__; though I used papa de qian for this super expensive specs huhu but I promise I will treasure this very well and will love this specs so much

So those are the megane~su that I have. I treasure all of them so much since they have helped me a lot in my life.

The appearance of kitty megane sutando!
It's known as eyeglass holder or eyeglass stand. Ohh, add cute in front of it : cute eyeglass holder!

The truth is, I always keep her inside her box because I treasure her too much! She's so adorable and she ain't that plastic or doff eyeglass stand. She's the doll eyeglass stand which is totemo kawaii dayo~~ *chu-ed

Fatty ranger meow gave me this kitty-chan megane sutando it's too adorable~~~~(;__;) I never really imagine that I will own one of this rarest thing I've seen! Ah, at least I have never seen anyone I know own this so I treasure this so much forever

Some things that I loved about specs are :

01. They change my appearance, in a better way.
02. They help me in my life as a student all of this time.
03. There is no direct contact with eyeballs which I scared most.
04. They give positive images about me~ In my opinion haha.

Ha! I am no longer a fan of contact lens because I always imagine that they're kinda scary and I'm overly scared for the fear of eye-irritation and those things.

Life updates:

01. I'll be so much exhausted with my Minor project thesis so I won't be really finding anything fun to blog. I guess I'll blog mostly about my Minor project thesis updates and some rambles about it and some rantings ohh.
02. My mood has increased lately which is really nice!
03. Breakouts! Omg see that poor chin of me is inflammed with pimple, ;__;
04. It's soon my month, October! So I wanna be 'VERY' happy for the entire month~~~~

Lots of love


  1. I like your newest glasses! c: Your eyes aren't even that bad. xD Mine are pretty bad (I have astigmatism on top of it too :c)~ I also have a lot of glasses~ but I prefer contacts, since I find that glasses can give me a headache for a while. *A*

    1. D: Icic! Hopefully it is alright~ Yeah! Contacts are great because they don't make me headaches. But it can't be worn for too long.

  2. well, wearing a black spectacles definitely looks more beautiful~

    1. Some colorful specs are very good too but mama thinks it's too outstanding and weird! XD

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