Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dearest sister♥


It should be titled sayonara sister but I don't want to!!

Exactly last Wednesday when I was about to bring Miki to a clinic to be taken care for a few days, then she jumped off from the car and ran away.

She ran away for a few times but we could barely catch her again, but this time nah. She ran the way too fast and in the road with woozing vehicles which scares me (it ain't movies kay, I really have to look out for the vehicles or else I'll be the one get hit).

The last view I saw her was that a motuo hit her leg and she let out a painful voice! Omg her voice was so heartbreaking I am sure she's hurt!! I wanted to fetch her so no vehicle would hit her again but I think she's scared the way out and she jumped to the paddy field.

Then we never see her anymore.

The paddy field was too high (about my waist) and the mud was high as well, I wanted to jump inside the paddy field to catch her but papa forbade me bcs field snake may be there.. So we just called her out loud and hopefully would hear any hint of her bark or any sound.

But nothing.

It was either she already ran away to the other side of paddy field (which is a few KM away side to side) or she was trapped inside the paddy field.

I'm so mad that I couldn't go into the paddy field to at least check her existence.

I went to search for her until about 11 PM and couldn't find any hint at all... The next day I gotta go to Jakarta so I really couldn't do anything.

At that time I still have this ridiculous mind that we will eventually find her somewhere.

It was so surreal I almost didn't believe that that day would be the last day I'll see her. On the morning, I still watched TV and cuddled her in my bed.

;__; I start to sob.

I wish the motuo broke her leg completely so she couldn't jump to the paddy field omg why am I so cruel.

The first night after her ran away I was still able to calm myself by blaming her (why is she so stupid to run away from me ohhh) and my self-control is good.

But not mama, she cried everyday (until yesterday) ;.; which is very sad to hear. I comforted her everyday but it's like useless.. I know that feeling of losing a dog. Nah, I think it's more than a dog since mama loved her more than her daughters (joking la lol) but still, she loved her so much.

I loved her too but I have better self-control, at least. Since I didn't meet her everyday like mama does, and papa spent most of the days outside too. So mama is the one having the biggest losing feeling.

I feel so bad for her ;(

Also, on my first night at Jakarta I couldn't sleep imagining how if she came to our house and nobody were there so she walked away forever? I cried to sleep at that time omg ;__;

After that, I could already let her go from my mind at least (though I wasn't sure but I still had that confidence that we will meet her again someday).

By the way, before I lost her, I have composed a draft about her (which I never finished it anyway since she ran away).

My dog-sister Miki, you might not know this but I learn so much from you.

You taught me how to love unconditionally.

You wouldn't know if your human leave you at home forever or throw you away.

Everytime I go home, you always greet me with those happy behavior, happy wagging tail and those dog kisses.

Everytime I wake up, you always come to me and give that happy dog kisses (and you never forget to do that).

You always love my after-brush-teeth breath. You also love my just-wake-up breath. No one is really like you!

I am sure no human would love another human as much as a dog loves human.

Human understands the law of giving and receiving, they understand sincerity and no sincerity.

You're different, you give without expecting to receive.

You don't understand those laws but you love your humans unconditionally.

I haven't finished that post about her but I don't think I will continue it; I'm still too sad to be reminded about this but I have the urge to write about her today.

I prayed to my kungkung so that he will protect her from any danger.

By the way,

Do you know that I love KTV so badly?

It's one of my dark secret : I'm bad in singing but I love to sing, it can't be helped HAHA. So I was still sad over Miki and I decided to cover song on Soundcloud today right after I woke up from my deep slumber.

If you know what song is this, give me a comment below and I'll give you a shout out on my next post!

Hint :
#1 is not a new song.
#2 is in someone's first album.

I knew this song for about 8 years (or maybe more? I don't remember it anymore) and I sang this today half-awake. I'm surprised I still remember some parts well though my long tongue produces bad accent ha!

Lots of love


  1. omg this is so sad to hear ;_; I hope she comes back soon.. Is there any other way that you can find her? I feel really sad and wish your dog is safe ;c

    1. I don't think we will ever find her anymore... ;.; it's alright. I think I have overcome it. Thank you!

  2. Having a dog is always be my dream since a long long time ago. Sadly, it was forbidden in my religion. But I can imagine how you feel. Think that I will cry everyday if I'm losing my dog, just like your mom. I hope she will go back to your house. Cheer up soon ya! (:

    1. I see! No worry :) thank you so much! Yeah but glad that she has overcome it, and me too ^^ Thank you for the comment~ *hugs


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