Monday, August 12, 2013

Journey to the Southern Beach!

Once upon a time (one month ago), there were four travelers who had journey together to the South (beach) to collect the sacred rolls of Guan Gong (to pray and have fun).

There were : Blue Rat and Dog (papa and sis), Red Pig (mama) and Pink Monkey (me).

- First stop : Indrayanti pantai(beach).

Pink Monkey seriously analyzed the sand of the beach.

Sands and sea rocks and shells were all telling her that the weather that day was nice!

There were no people in sight, the travelers were excited and at the same time, alerted of any beasts sign!

The princess of sea (海公主) sang the song of sea for the travelers.

The prince of sun (太阳王子) showered them with warm, though they thought it's a little bit too hot! Red Pig said: "I almost become roasted pork already!!" and Pink Monkey said: "Yummaayy~" and she got kicked by Red Pig's super kick.

The trees were accompanying them in their resting time.

And Pink Monkey was in a daze... "Oh I wish I am blessed with banana today!"

- Second stop : Baron pantai (beach).

Travelers stopped at their second stop.

Blue Rat, Pink Monkey and Blue Dog became the petal benders to pray for God of Sea (海之神) to bless the deceased people. Red Pig selca-ed them! Because Red Pig was scared of wave. XD

The praying was heard and the petals were blessed.

Travelers wish would be granted and they will live happily forever.

The weather was really great and it couldn't stop childish Blue Dog and Pink Monkey to play.

Both Blue Dog and Pink Monkey became the water benders and saw the beauty of the sparkling sea.

And they were too damn narcisstic!

"My superly fatty ass and shorty legs!" nagged Pink Monkey. // "I don't care.." said Blue Dog.

Travelers had finished their journey to the Southern Beach and last Selca!


* It's a nonfiction fairy tale. (*^v^*)
* Names format : shirt-colour + animal year of born.

Thank for reading a short tale brought to you by yours truly!

Lots of love


  1. i like to go to beach sometime, nice photos taken~ =D

  2. itu di gunung kidul ya? pasti kesana pas lagi mudik

    1. Hooh di gunung kidul hehe.
      Kesana bukan mudik haha

  3. wahh I really enjoyed your story:D
    I am charmed by this place.. looks like paradise *O*


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