Saturday, August 24, 2013

#4 CIY : Japanese Pork Curry Rice~♪

I actually cooked the Curry on mid July but happened to compose the cooking post now.

I am terribly busy lately, mama goes oversea for a while and daddy is extremely busy so I'm mostly home alone doing house chores, baby-sitting Miki, cooking and staying awesome. I help the restaurant at night as well so woo! Everyday is a tiring day.

I went to Hero Supermarket at TA right before I went back to my parents house and since it has been a while I wanted to buy Curry sauce block, and I was guided by The Lord to the Curry sauce block rack and I bought one! (**^^)

I bought the MILD one means that it is no spicy at all. It's not that I dislike spicy stuff but I am no good in having those super hot sensation in my tongue so yeah... A boring mild curry sauce block!

It's nice and practical and somehow very helpful for a busy-bee like meeee. I plan to get this once I bought my own oven at BS (still a plan though!) so yeahhhh :3

Japanese Curry Rice~♪
Difficulties :
Portion : adjusting.


1. Two baby carrots or normal carrots (I use normal carrots).
2. Half of onion.
3. Diced potatoes.
4. Thinly minced pork (or chicken, or lamb, or meat) as you wish. I try pork for this time.
5. Fresh milk.
6. The Curry sauce block.
7. 500ml Fish broth (I use chicken broth bcs no fish broth here); or just water is alright. (but prepare salt-sugar-pepper if later the taste is still very mild. Curry rice is supposed to be thick and spicy woo!)
8. Finely cooked rice.

Cooking time :

The Curry sauce block actually has it's own direction to cook the normal Curry rice.. But I didn't follow the direction and just went with the flow.

Notes : Cooking and taking photos at the same time is seriously irritating but for the sake of this post I do it all by myself. Sorry for the low quality piccas!

Cook the meat first with few drips of oil until it's done. (It's pork here though)

Put all the carrot, onion, potato, and other vegs you might add here and fry stir them well for a while.

Pour the broth here now and boil it until the potato and carrot is soft. Test it with chopstick.

Put the Curry block sauce (little by little) and it will thicken, make sure to balance the taste by keep tasting it. Add broth if it's too thick and doesn't suit you. Add block sauce if it's too thin. Pour the fresh milk for savory taste.

Eat it with rice.

My cooking result : a mild Curry! Very mild no single drop of spiciness here. HAHA.

If you prefer spicy Curry you should buy the "Spicy Curry block sauce". Hero has it all and I guarantee the taste will kick more than this curry. I am sure method of cooking will be the same and no worry, it will suit your taste!

If you are living alone and lazy to cook fancy meals, this Curry rice can be one of your choice to cook. Though I won't eat this like very often (-_-") but this is very delicious

Have fun in cooking your own Japanese curry!

Lots of love


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    1. Thanks!! It tasted great, can be better though XD

  2. You made me hungry ×o× Curry is one of my fave viands omg I wish I know how to cook so I can cook this too for myself. I missed reading your blog btw! ♡

    1. Heehee~~~~! It's very easy, just find the curry block sauce on the supermarket and cook everything and you're done~~! Happy eating~~ Miss you too!

  3. i definitely must do this!:) but can be used soy milk instead of normal?
    thank u for sharing^_^

    1. I think you can do it as well~~~~ ^^ The milk is not necessary though~~ So if you don't want milk no need to add it too!! <3 You're welcome~

  4. perut berdendang abis baca post ini. :9
    cici.... comment cici yang di kawah putih ga sengaja gua delete gara-gara bukanya pake touchscreen jadi kepencet 'delete'. :")))
    mau liat foto yang kawah putihnya cici dongs hwhwhw.

    1. Hahahaha~~ Wahh, tar aku kasih lg dehh XDD


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