Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Exam weeks thirteen.

It's my fourth final exam!

Sorry my bedface was horrible this time.

Because I want to exercise on my holiday so I take a full-shot body picca this time.
*would like to compare this to several months in the future*

So, I've passed 7 exam days (in about 2 weeks) and only 1 exam left. Yay!
I don't have a good memory (especially for exam) that's why I've forgotten the questions right after I left the classroom.
Though I still remember how I did those questions, I don't remember any of the questions.
It may mean that I should not meddle with what I've done.
Just stay optimism!

First day (Anapersil theory) was so so, I missed one question really badly!
Second day (Character Building) I think I did well. Basically it's only tok kok haha.
Third day (Business Process Reengineering) I did so so. I don't really have a good sense here. XD
Fourth day (Anapersil practicum) where I got high expectation here--shocked me! I almost couldn't finish it. The questions were super weird. Omg T.T
Fifth day (Enterprise System) I didn't do well! tmd. I spent my time over 10% weight question and I only write 3-5 lines for a 20% question! Baka me!! T^T
Sixth day (Database System 1st set) was horrible. None of what I learnt come out. I swear I cursed a lot there XD
Sixth day (Database System 2nd set) I was prepared superly, but it got small pieces of queries I didn't even know did I answer that enough? Fortunately I paid attention at Saturday morning class.

Last will be Programming 2 (C#) and I am not sure I can do this well.
But let's believe in the law of attraction and I'll do my Programming final very well!

*let's pray for our lecturers mercy for this final exam*

Anyway, I'll be less posting once it's holiday since I will be having SO MANY things to do.
I wanna cook, a lot. I also wanna reapply my car driving license (the driving exam, I don't really like it -.-) and I wanna spend my days on Anime and Dramas.
I am going to have midnight drive again and walk my Miki out.
I will be occupied to help parents at restaurant.

And many other things are awaiting me! *confetti*

Holiday always sounds awesome (ノ´∀`)ノ

By the way do you still remember Miki?
I wrote several posts about her for sure. (Lazy to dig my past posts)

But here are her photos in case you don't know her, yet:

Unglam sleeping me with 4 months old of Miki.

Several months later. Oh btw I didn't claw her that way XD She's just very rebellious.

The photos were all taken in 2011.
She is growing really fast. Much bigger and fatter than the last photo (though I don't have her recent photos).

I'll meet her when I go to my parents house. (*^O^*)

Because I will be less writing here, I'm opening a section called : Ask me Anything on the sidebar.

You are welcomed to ask me any questions, stupid one or serious one, general or personal. I will answer all of your questions at the end of my semester break.
I will select some questions which are rather okay, and rude questions won't be included.
The concept is similar with Ask.me or Formspring.me but this one I created by myself. Your questions will all enter my email box and I will open it when I return Jakarta.

So, use your chance well because I don't plan to open this kind of thing in the future! ^^

I would love to read everyone's questions★

Hope to come back soon and check my blogger dashboard.

Happy summer to all of you!

Lots of love


  1. All the best for your exams and miki looks absolutely adorable...!!!

    1. Thank you!! I have been doing well here

  2. Everyone always thinks that his exams went wrong and then it turns out that went very well. It will be same for you for sure. Fingers crossed chingu! ^_^

    And Miki is so adorable *_*

    1. Finger crossed!! I hope I will succeed everything~! ^^

  3. good luck for your exams!
    and also good luck for getting your desired body size ^-^

  4. yah.. paling nggak kita uda lewat ujiannya, hasilnya bodo amat deh tutup mata aja. XP


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