Sunday, July 21, 2013

A one day trip to Bogor★

Right after my last day of exam, Uncle Sea (translation from how I call him in Chinese) brought me and family to the side Jakarta--a city called Bogor.

I believe it is not my first time going there. But I can't remember.
Probably it's something called Deja Vu or anything :/

I have few classmates originally from there and they even had sleepovers,
so I'm excited (ノ´∀`)ノ

So I woke up super early (Around 5AM) and prepared so many things.
Clothes, panties, stuff (though I didn't stay a night there) but I still got to bring these things though since I am staying in Uncle Sea's house.

Upon reaching to Bogor, (Around 8AM) we headed to lines of shop and bought a lot of brownies (Uncle Sea seems to like brownies so bad). Bought a lot of boxes (more than 10 boxes) of brownies from three shops.

We didn't get any brownies from this shop at 9AM but when we returned here at 2PM we bought quite many boxes. Ahaha X)

Another type of brownies boxes we bought.

I admit that day we ate so much until super bloated and Uncle Sea's car no longer fit five of us.

We went to Bogor seriously early; so we had our breakfast on their side warteg with swollen face. No shower at all ;D

The "Soto Bogor" or whatever it's called. Rumour it was good, but tastes pretty okay for me.

Bought this "Ngohiang" as my classmate from Bogor recommended this.

We drove to Kebun Raya Bogor to spend our afternoon there. A pretty place. I got to see cute deers right beside this site! ♥

A super cheap so-so ice cream! ♥
Aisu kuriimu for life.

Afternoon picnic and had our brownies and ngohiang ♥
久しぶり ♥

Tried to cycle around Uncle Sea's house. Aiyo, I broke the pedals.
Too fat ( ; A ; )

Yummy dinner!

On the evening, we returned to Jakarta and had dinner at MKG.
Papa said he wanted to go Sapo Oriental since our last time eating here was delish.

I always love yummy dinner~ Eating moment is always warm and nice.

Uncle Sea loves to bring us for holiday since he barely has his own holiday.
He only needs relatives to accompany him for holidays, and I happen to stay in the same city with him so I sometimes join him going to few places.

Yay! I enjoyed this day.

Until my next post...

Lots of love


  1. Cool post, would you like to follow eachother?

  2. yeapp of course i still remember you hehe. and thanks for the sweet advice. i'll keep in mind :)

  3. nice blog! followed u!

  4. yummy food, i like the last few pic! XD

  5. Hi dear! I missed you too! You're one of my best blog friends :)
    Your trip seems fun *haha packing lots of underwear is my thing just in case they get .... dirty and sweaty* - I love your pictures, your skin looks clear and pretty!

    What a cool name for your uncle! And that cake shop looks so yummy!

    Thanks for commenting on my last post girl!

    1. Thank you and you're one of my best blogger friend too! ♥
      It was so bright that it concealed my blemishes away ;)
      You're welcome!

  6. Sorry for replying so late like this x__x I intentionally wanted to reply a few weeks ago, but I couldn't access your site? ._. but nevermind, I can access it now after all XD~~
    skripsi briefing? What's that? ._.
    What are those games? Is it fun? XD
    That's true, but I think I'm still in lazy mode right now, so I usually only help out on chores and the store at home "orz But I'm still considering it actually, the work XD
    You're right ._. And once you work it'll be hard to take breaks right?
    Yepp~ I'll probably take off to Jakarta at around the end of August. XD

    Bogor looks so beautiful!! I only went there twice for the Safari Zoo and stayed a few days at a villa there (but I forgot the name "orz) XD It's so cold there, but the view is exhilarating XD
    Are you having your semester break right now? ._. Hope you're having a great week! :D

    1. Heyyyy don't worry about it XD I somehow am lazy nowadays to go online again since holiday begins so it's same with me too! Well it was down some times ago so nevermind ;)
      Skripsi briefing is like explaination for our skripsii err something like that ahaha :P
      Hmm~ Can I know when is your FEP? :D

      *Yeap it's pretty chilling there and so much fun! I only spent a few hours there so yeahhhh I hope I can go out more~
      I hope you can have great break too~ Before fighting at uni! <3

  7. oh, and your new header is so cute!! Love the usagi hat~~ <3 XD

  8. Hey sweety! First time, I'm here and I'm so glad that I found you! Love your blog and your posts are amazing!!!
    If you want to follow each other by GFC, Twitter or bloglovin, just let me know!
    have a nice day!

    1. Thank you! ~
      I prefer GFC~ So I'm following you :3

  9. Ahh brownies *O*
    I want to trip to Bogor lol this place look so nice:)
    have fun on your holidays
    miss you xoxo

    1. Yep~ A nice short getaway :D
      I hope you can go someday haha!
      Miss you too xx!

  10. Nice blog! Would you like follow each other?

  11. Waa it's been a long time since i went to bogor. :O
    Aww, too bad you didn't get the brownies. *Q*

    1. Heehee you should go!
      Well I got it XD after a while~ :3

  12. Juan2, waa kao k bogor :p
    Enakan mana browniesnya yg miss pumkin sma yg lapis bogor?
    Btw soto itu lebih enak kalo yg d jual sore2 hehehe :p

    1. Hahahaa iya :P
      Browniesnya beda rasa sih, jadi ga bs dibandingin tapi aku lebih suka yng lapis bogor :3 soalnya makannya masih panas hehehe.
      Yahh waktu itu jalannya pagi2 sih jadi sorean udah balik jkt. Besok cobain deh kl kesana lg~


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