Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yuri Honing Concert 2010.

I went to Yuri Honing concert on November 2010 (and I blog about it now?!).

The reason I blog about this is because I found old photos of me attending their concert. It was a jazz concert. I remember Mr. Honing was the one playing saxophone.
I don't remember the other friends.

Mr Yuri Honing, and me and bff.

When I checked out his website, he don't come to Indonesia anymore to hold his concert.
He did come to Jogja on November 2010.

I think I had a really good moment on that small concert. Enjoyed the performance so much. They are so talented and awesome!!

I look dann flabby and my buni buni gathered in my neck and tummy. Ohmy~


Lots of love

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