Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ubiquitous notes--(/。\)♪



Final exam period. Nothing special, just spend my days with notes, notes and notes.

I woov notes
I woov studying
I woov exams
I woov sleeping late

The view of my desk last night seriously made me headaches, notes were everywhere... Lmao.

I really don't want to sleep late on the night before my exam days so I tried to focus on my notes (though the notes this time can be considered very few, yeah!) and I slept at 5 because I was distracted with Juniel's new mini album : Fall in L !

I woov Juniel

Don't know why my friends said the exam today went well! Seemed like they did it really well while me, I am not sure I did well because I messed a few questions.

When I read that I was like, whut?
*write write write*

Even writing was mega painful because the night before I cut my fingernails the way TOO SHORT.

Nawwww. :"(

I hope I scored well despite of so many doubtness I have for today's paper. I went home quickly after done. I didn't really have the mood to discuss my exam with my friends because I somehow ruined it XD I would feel depressed if I listen to friends who discuss it.

I should not mess my other 7 exams~ The first day has passed, and I gg do my fullest to the rest.

Just realise I have a few F words in my notes. Kidding la, the "F" stands for "Form".

I'm not doing anything much so I'm not updating so often. I'm studying so I won't be blogwalking a lot as well. I don't really have things to write at the moment >_<

But do leave messages in my contact page for fast respond.
I check my email everyday

Signing off,

Lots of love


  1. wow so many notes, I kinda envy you ^^ haha cuz I'm doing nothing right now in my internship and it sucks hahaa ;___; where I work is a project based studio, so there's only work when we get any notif from our boss. so im stuck at home, doing nothing but chores or surfing the net ;___; haha good luck on your exam dear! Hope you pass \(>w<)/ have a great day!!

    1. Aww >w< I hope you can get to do anything fun soon :D I know that feeling of stuck and cannot do anything.
      Thank you~~ Have a great day to you too! ♥


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