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Review : Casio EX-N20★Classic touch for capturing memories.

Minnatachi! Happy Sunday (*・∀・*)ノ

I just realized it's has been very very long since last time I reviewed digicam. I've been eaten with so many things coping up so I set digicam reviewing aside for awhile. Besides digicam review posts all the time isn't really nice XD

I hope it's a good time for reviewing another one.

Everyone who has summer holiday is gonna enjoying precious time. Be it summer trips, BBQs, beaches (yayayay!), family gaths, etc etc anyho you can mention.

(I'm generalising things, I know some people are still working though ^^ but please enjoy the happiness of mid-year!)

I can't wait for mine~~~~! Though I haven't decided for any trips, but I can't wait to release my mind from coding and analysis I'm seriously sick of those things.

Let this summer holiday be my preparation for another race I'm going to have next semester!

Jump to the review, this time let's greet the newest boy here:

Casio Exilim N20 : A fancy digicam with classic touch.

Trying my best to dress well for this classic touch selca, but I am still overwhelmed with my bedface (yeah, I just woke up).

The polo shirt I wear was brandless one, got various colour and size (I got L, thought would be just fit bit it's sp big one!) they got many "logo" choices and my papa chose this Hello Kitty for me. Woah!

Yay for collared tops!

Preview of the digicam

Nicely designed and modest.

I can say this digicam is unisex one. It's not as feminine as other N series, more masculine and though (probably because of the metal touch there).
The leather-like surface is also much more manly, right?

It's so nice to touch and less-slippery than the other two. Less-vulnerable to dirt and oil. Maybe this digicam is really designed for guys!


About the same with the N1 and N10. It's a small and light digicam. Very nice for travelling, put it in your chest pocket, or put a strap and hang around the neck. A great option if you despise the heavy SLR for travelling.

It's smaller than Ginny (the left one, is about the same size with an iPhone 4).


A user-friendly menu which is accepted by the 8 golden rules (tsk, I'm too immersed in my User Interface class lmao). The menu is a standard menu equipped with several enhancing features that will make your photos look better.

Best Shot mode is available in 26 modes. Self-potrait, two self-potrait, bright scenery, kids, sports, candlelight, pets, party, sunset, flower, macro, flowing water, and many others! The awesome is, those are the one you would use everyday, especially on holidays.

*holidays holidays* murmuring.

Outdoor Demo

It's a bright day, so the outdoor demo is perfect.

Zoom demo

Like the other N series, the zoom demo passed! Yay. Though the brightness is a bit unstable, the sharpness is still very nice.

It's kinda scary because I took this zoom demo in the edge of 10th floor (heart drops everytime I see downside...)

Captured boarders walked outside. It's actually very very far with bare eyes. Can realize they're angmohs? :D

I miss Pizza Hut ;^;

Best Shot Demo
Normal shot.

Using "Sunset" Best Shot.

I honestly don't try most Best Shots since the battery runs really low but I assume that it will be about the same with it's sisters : N1 and N10 so please head to those posts to see more Best Shots demo.

Self shot
Idk it's the mirror or the digicam really blurs this time.

OOTD pose, lmao. It's much better now. The light outside is the way super bright!

I would recommend this digicam for you if:
  1. You are looking for a unisex small digicam with lots of Best Shots mode.
  2. You are travelling. This digicam is seriously light and convenient to bring, yay!
  3. You are a boss of a company who takes picture a lot (I don't say selcas, lmao) and you want to look classy with small digicams.
  4. You are a manly dad who loves your family, so you bring your family to trips and take a lot of pictures together.
Those points are based of the digicam's outer appearance and basic settings. But anyhow, this digicam welcomes everyone to become its owner!

With the mid-range price, and the nicely done features equipped inside this little digicam, it is a great choice if you are confused in which digicam should you choose.

It's surprisingly thin and light!

If you seriously consider the quality of your photos, you may look at other higher range, but of course with higher price as well~ Everything is to be ask to yourself, what would suit your needs.

I'd rate this Casio EX-N20 for : 4.2 / 5 because of the lightness, features, and appearance!
For myself, I prefer cute looking gadgets~ Teehee ;) I'm a girl anyway.

For complete specs, please click here.

Some of you would think, this one is better looking la than the N10 one, but I prefer N10 than this one! XD it's seriously cuter. This is much more manly, this is supposed to be guys'? Heehee.

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The un-makeup-mode selca-nyan. Bedface is revealed omg!

Have a nice day~!

Signing off to review my CB notes for tomorrow's exam. Woots!

Lots of love


  1. oh wow! this is the first time im seeing a casio cam review! i seriously thought that casio had gone extinct or something! O_O

    1. XD I totally understand that! But they're pretty decent ;D

  2. The picture quality is pretty good for a compact camera. congratz on your new toy!

  3. this digicam look so cool, i like its facture :)
    and I luv you new heading <3

  4. Hi, I am Sergio from Spain and I came across this wonderful site while searching reviews for casio n20 camera. Hard to find something meaningful until I found your review, well written, with photos of the product, sample images that show picture quality and also your helpful insights. I only missed somethings more technical as iso performance, noise and a couple of night shots. Otherwise, Olé! as we say in Spain, wonderful review by a wonderful girl that made me decide to purchase the casio camera.
    Good luck with your exams also, hasta la vista.

    1. Thank you for the comment! Yep I didn't put any specs here but I provide the link to the official website so you can check on its website the complete specs.
      Thank you!!


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