Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My lifetime wishlist(★)

Hello~~minna! (/*^^)/

I am so totally double-chinning!

I know it's kinda weird for me to post at this time.
It's almost midnight here and I'm in the midst of reviewing my notes, erm,
okay /*(._.\)

The urge to procrastinate is at its peak when I'm studying. When I'm free, I have no energy even to do stuff for my blog.
Such a shame!

By the way, the topic for this post is : My lifetime wishlist.
It's gonna be a short post anyway.

Say it, (*・ω・)ノ Do you have a wishlist?

I am sure, consciously or not, all of you have a wishlist. Be it a serious wishlist or a fun one, an annually wishlist or a lifetime one, a wishlist is everyone's personal space to write down a checklist that contains what everyone wants.

My wishlist? I haven't formally created any.
But I think I will, erm, like now? ヽ(・∀・)ノ

It will be called "My lifetime wishlist", because I have my entire life to fulfill this wishlist. It won't be bordered by time, age, year or anything.
Even if I'm 100 years old I can still working for my wishlist.

I am sure my wishlist will be filled with mundane thingies, something really worldly. But I will make sure it is something special in my life.

A new page has been opened : Wishlist.

I am not sure whether I will keep this page open for ever or not, because it's like revealing things that I want in my life; and it is kinda personal. But I'll be updating this page everytime a wish is fulfilled or everytime I add a new wish.

I think the fun thing from having a wishlist is to CROSS any wish whenever I have fulfilled it.
The crossing feeling is awesome, do you think so?

One of my short-term wishlist : get rid of this pimple! *sob* Excuse me I really have quite moles (/;^;\)

Now that I say it, I have similar list on my HP : exam list ☆.
The crossing feeling is almost the same.. Everytime I cross an exam; it feels awesome!

Logging off to study~ Ganbatte!

Lots of love


  1. I hope that all of your dreams will come true:)

    Yes it's been a while. I have my exam on Friday, is last and is the hardest.. I wasn't worried for thest previous exams like I'm now about this one lol
    And how is yours?:)

    One thought came to my mind, maybe we could talk sometimes on facbook, it's kinda easier than here.. what you think?:)

    1. Thank you!!
      I had my exams, two days are left ^^ I did well on some and didn't do really well on others >.< I just hope that I will pass my semester well!
      Ok facebook sounds great, let's talk more there ^^

  2. I do have a wishlist, a lot of stuff i want lately XD especially books haha, I also want perfect skin :D

    you should put some acne gel or ointment!

    1. XD I want books too~~ They're great places for escaping ;)
      And perfect skin~ Is everyone's wish!! :D

      I will put acne gel, thank you! >.< It's much better now ^^


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