Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mid-year weather♪


It is June already but the weather here is very unstable. Tropical country should be having a very hot summer right now but the weather lately is really weird.

It rained terribly today. Aiyo :(

I enjoy sunny days more than rainy days. Though it feels really nice to snuggle in my bed when it's storming outside but it never really cheers my mood. I really love sunny day much more than rainy days.

Today was really bad, I slept at around 7AM today after doing my last paper for this semester (BPR) and I woke up at 2PM to have a class at 3PM! Crazy right >.< I had a slight glance to my window and everytime I was half-awake to see the sky's brightness (which usually I can guess the time from that, haha) and it's really dark the whole day! If I didn't get any wake-up call from mama at 2PM I would miss my class today.

It's surprisingly very dark and hazy today.

The weather lately is really unstable, I managed to capture few days of it:

A dark rainy day occured a few weeks ago.

Bright and rainy day (with slight hint of rainbow!) a few days ago.

A surprisingly bright evening taken a few days ago.

I always think weather would affect one's mood but that's one stupid thing to think XDc weather here lately is weird I kinda notice it somehow, but one good thing is it never be too extreme at all. How nice is it *^_^*

I should have started studying for my final exams starting this Saturday. I'll be having my summer holiday after my finals and return to uni on the end of September. I think this might be one of my last long holiday since I won't be going to my parents house on December for my minor thesis.

Also, next year I might be starting my internship so I won't have any summer holiday, ever so this holiday I must really treasure it (>.< ; ) I can't believe this will be (one of) my last long holiday ever in my life, I just hope I can have more quality time

I believe many of you who are in school or college are having your holiday at the moment, or your finals~ I wish you all good luck and enjoy your holidays! 

Thank you for taking a few minutes visiting my blog and spending a few MBs internet quota for loading my posts full of buay paiseh selcas (;^◇^;)ゝ

Lots of love


  1. D'aww, it's been raining where I am as well. I don't mind it though (but the lighting isn't as great as I normally like)
    I know how you feel about having the last longest holiday in your life! o: I'm in the same position as you (but I have a full-time job this summer, as a cashier/waitress so I can't enjoy this summer as much :c )!

    1. Heehee! Raining is very soothing and comfy but somehow I enjoy sunny days more XD
      OMG you too? Aww >.< Let's do out best~ I hope I'll be fine to not having long holidays anymore~ I hope you can enjoy your full-time job! I am going to find myself one as well~ ^^

  2. Its raining here as well, and I love it <3

    good luck in your internship as well dear >w< hope you'll enjoy your job! :D


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